Who has not received a donation?

Honestly, who has not received a donation – at one point in time or another – from the more than generous philanthropic hands of Dick and Betsy DeVos? Who does not know their names, in fact? Well, Dick DeVos is a top public figure. He’s also a proud Republican and U.S. citizen. His wife Betsy is right there with him in the fight for true freedom from religious oppression, a society of firm beliefs and values, a solid education in America and more; in fact, how can she not stand for such important themes when she is none other than the U.S. President’s Secretary of Education? Yes, Dick notes that he is more than blessed to have her at his side and would not be quite the same without her help and support in all areas.


Dick may also be contacted on Facebook and Messenger; he has more than 18,000 likes and following already. He lives in Grand Rapids, Mich. You may learn more about him by visiting


Dick and his wife have recently lifted the full veil on their philanthropy, it seems, when Dick discussed numerous aspects of their past and present giving efforts as well as their current strategies and plans for the future. Dick primarily noted that his giving is for a reason – to help people and not to push them in any sort of direction in regards to politics or other viewpoints. He merely points that the purpose of all people in life is to find their purpose, and his is certainly to give back to those in need, just as he and his faithful wife have done for several decades and only hope to further improve upon. MLive recently interviewed Dick on all these points and was more than happy to have had the opportunity; Dick notes that he was no less blessed from the unique encounter as it offered him another speaking opportunity to show the world what he believes in and what really matters in this life – doing good.


Dick also mentioned several relevant statistics and strategies that have worked wonders for his team in the last few years – knowledge and experience that he has gleamed, in beautiful combination, throughout his many giving endeavors. Did you know that he and his wife have topped records in charitable giving? They have generously given such amounts that even other millionaires or billionaires themselves would re-consider or hold their hand back from giving; this speaks to their true heart to serve as leaders – they genuinely care for the needs of others. As we know, not all other popular leaders of wealth ever say the same, and that’s what makes Dick unique.


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