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Talk Fusion Wins Award for Communications Solution Product of the Year

As the age of landline communication continues to move toward the digital universe, more companies continue to utilize the advantages of the Internet to combine talk with video. In addition, these organizations also look to the option of recording conversations for future evergreen presentations as well as needed research.  And this past August, it won the Communications Solution Product of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation.

Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has produced an all-in-one video marketing solution which includes email, newsletters, live meetings, video chat, and sign-up forms. The company’s goal is to help businesses stand out from competition with unique and vibrant presentations. Talk Fusion’s video chat application allows face-to-face discussion between individuals or groups on desktops, smartphones, or tablets.

This is the second award from Technology Marketing Corporation this year. The Communications Solution Product Award is given to companies that provide products of high quality which facilitate communications in voice, data, and video.

In addition to its marketing and video chat products, Talk Fusion introduced a number of products in 2016. This includes the free trial version of its marketing programs and the ability to record video chat sessions. They also introduced, which allows people who utilize Talk Fusion products to gain immediate commissions when they encourage others within or outside their organization to enroll in the company.

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  1. The products and services must be brought to market in the twelve months prior to the award presentation. Talk Fusion is one such organization. It is also a very good way for to save as much and use it for Talk Fusion’s marking plans.

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