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Why You Should Use WEN

There are a ton of people out there who just pick up a random bottle of shampoo and don’t even think to use one that is fit for their type of hair. With the WEN hair care products you don’t have to because they work for every hair type out there for men or women.

For those that don’t know of Chaz, just take a look at a handful of your favorite celebrities. The chances are that they might have went to Chaz to get their amazing hair do. Ever since he moved to Los Angeles and started taking photos, he found his love for cosmetology. Chaz found a salon to work at where he practiced his coloring and cutting skills. He got so good that he moved up in the salon and had celebrities asking for him all the time. Chaz Dean made so much money that he bought the salon and moved it to an undisclosed location so that the paparazzi don’t bother him and his clients.

Chaz used his experience in working with product developers to create his own hair care inventions. If you’ve ever picked up a bottle then you know for yourself, you can throw every other bottle that you have in your shower into the trashcan. The WEN cleansing conditioner replaces shampoos, any detanglers, and all conditioners. The sweet smelling product acts as all of those in one and will make your hair the best it’s ever been. When you use the WEN cleansing conditioner for two to three weeks, you’re hair will be more strong and have all of it’s natural oils still their for a healthy shine.

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Protecting Your Online Reputation Management If You Are A High Net Worth Individual

High net worth individuals are at the highest risk for having something major happen to their reputation online. There are a number of risks for someone who has a high profile in general. With the way the Internet works, these risks can spread rapidly and at a greater pace than ever.

False information and rumors are a major problem on the Internet. According to, it is possible for people to post anything they want anonymously and hide behind their words. If someone believes it they can pass it on and before you know it you have a lot of people believing the same thing and it really starts to feel like a fact at that point.

If one happens to have voiced an unpopular opinion they may find that others on the Internet do not like what they have to say. The Internet can be a cruel place and can pass judgement very quickly. This means that people may start attacking your reputation simply because they do not agree with you.

Perhaps even worse than this scenario would be if someone who works for you becomes unhappy at you. They may decide the only tactic they can use is to release sensitive information out to the Internet. That of course could be incredibly damaging to reputation. That was sensitive information that was never supposed to be seen by the public.

With all of these threats to reputation one must consider what they can do to circumvent the issue. The fact is that they cannot possibly erase what others are saying about them. They can only replace the information with correct facts. This is the best way to combat those who want to tear you down.

Being proactive about reputation management is another great idea. Instead of waiting for something bad to happen to your reputation, perhaps you might consider working to build up your reputation before someone goes to attack it. Monitor what is being said about you online and also put out your own positive content that helps show you in the light that you want to be in. This is the best solution for someone who is high profile and at risk of having that profile attacked.

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Dick DeVos Reveal The Extent Of His Family’s Charitable Giving

Dick and Betsy Devos established their charitable giving fund, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, in 1989. Dick recently revealed that since then they have given almost $139 million to a large number of charities and nonprofits with an emphasis on education, healthcare, arts, and community. In just 2015 the foundation provided $11.6 million in funds for charities. Combined with the rest of the DeVos family they have collectively given $1.33 billion and are ranked #24 in Forbe’s 2015 list of America’s Top Givers.

Due to their focus on education, the couple donated over $3 million in 2015 to various educational causes and another $357,000 to support groups fighting for education reform. Dick DeVos has commented that he doesn’t see that the current system is helping children fulfill the American Dream and additionally sees the issue as a civil rights problem. If a child doesn’t grow up in the “right” zip code they simply don’t have access to a quality education. Some of the educations charities that the foundation provided with funding in 2015 includes the Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids, Northwood University in Midland, and the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The academy they support provides high school students with an education that prepares them for a career in the aviation industry, from plane maintenance, to engineering, to earning a pilot’s license.

Another focus of the DeVos Foundation is in arts and culture. In 2015 they donated more than $2.4 million to a number of causes designed to support artists as well as to strengthen the business side of the industry. They had previously given $22 million in order to create the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. The program aims to inform students studying arts management on how to run an art institution as well as how to raise funds.

Dick DeVos has talked about bringing in their children for their input on where to donate money that will have the most positive impact. In a recent donation, his kids didn’t think he was providing enough to a cause to really make a difference. Dick agreed that they were right and that they could do more and so they did by providing sufficient funds to fully realize the ideals of the charity.

Dick DeVos started his career at Amway in 1974, served in various Vice Presidential positions, and was Chief Executive Officer of the company from 1993 to 2002. Dick is also a part owner of the NBA Orlando Magic team. Dick is the Chief Executive Officer of The Windquest Group, an investment firm he founded that specializes in the fields of technology, clean-tech industry, hospitality, manufacturing, and nonprofits.


The Making of Hussain Sajwani and Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani is a United Arab Emirates-based real estate developer and philanthropist. He is the founder of Damac Group of companies. Sajwani attended the University of Washington. There, he graduated with a degree in economics. In 1982, he got a job with GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company as a contracts manager. It wasn’t long after that he established his enterprise and called it Damac LLC. Later, the company became Damac Group. In the early 90’s he developed DICO Invest, an investment firm that currently holds portfolios of securities in several companies. Sajwani also founded Al Jazeira services that currently, stands at a market capitalization of over $125 million. He consolidated the company strengths and invested in Bahrain-based Al Ahlia Insurance Company. He acquired a 40 percent stake in the firm.


Sajwani has also taken part in the foundation and development of Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles. The institution was established in 1998 and is the only tile manufacturer in the country. He holds shares in different companies. He also holds a board membership position at Majan University College.


Hussain Sajwani and President Donald Trump spent the New Year’s Eve together. The two businessmen had partnered in several deals even before the election of Trump as the president of USA. Together, they developed the Trumps International Golf Club. The luxury villas brought a net of $ 2 billion. According to a statement made to NBC News by Sajwani, it was evident that the relationship between the two entrepreneurs went beyond the business boundaries. Sajwani told the news station that his children were much involved with trumps’. He also said that his wife has a close relationship with Ivanka. Additionally, on several occasions, they have traveled to New York and had dinner and lunch together. Ivanka and her children have visited their Dubai home on several occasions.


Sajwani is also known for his philanthropic activities. A twitter handle said that it more of sharing and not about charity. In a recent event, he donated one million AED in a cause that sought to clothe a million needy children.

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Israeli Army

Getting to Know Adam Milstein, Successful Entrepreneur and Philanthropist with Jewish-Americans

Adam is an entrepreneur from Israel who is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He is extremely talented both in business and in creating initiative ways to benefit Israeli-Americans, and recently Ideamensch interviewed him as an admirable businessman excelling in his everyday life.

Interview Review

Adam Milstein is known to be intuitive who lives in the moment, and as he is partner with David Hager who prefers the psychological view on life, this is very useful. The agency was started when Adam was attending University of Southern California for his MBA.

Adam Milstein was grew up in Haifa, Israel; he attended Technion and received a business degree the year after he was released from his duty in the Israeli Army.

His life revolves around his family, but he discovered early in his career that when he focuses on helping other people, his life is much more satisfying. What is not included in the interview is that Milstein is also a philanthropist for Jewish-Americans, and in 2000, he founded the Milstein Family Foundation. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

This foundation is an umbrella corporation for nine agencies that he has established that help the Jewish population.

Adam Milstein is a directed and diligent real estate executive and he admits that it takes time for someone to succeed in real estate, but his father taught him the brokerage very well. He claims to be consistent and persistent as well, but he prefers the ups and down in the market, which make the field exciting to him.

According to Huffington Post, knowing this about Adam Milstein, it’s not difficult to understand that setting goals is not one of his favorite concepts. In fact, he admits he rarely sets goals because he finds them too limiting.

Rather, with his life experience and education, Milstein advises others to interpret the issues surrounding your business for yourself instead of relying on other people to present the answer. He suggests being a part of the solution and moving forward.


DAMAC Group Led by Hussain Sajwani, Its Success and Partnership with other Brands.

The 63 years old United Arabs Emirate citizen, Hussain Sajwani is a successful entrepreneur who has accumulated $3.6 billion from real estate and self-made. Sajwani started his career in food service industry. He attracted US military and construction giant Bechtel. Sajwani still owns his food service firm.

Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 by taking advantage of Dubai government allowing foreigners to own property in Emirates. He purchased land an undeveloped area where he later managed to sell his first 38 stories residential building in a period of fewer than six months. DAMAC group is a multi-billion corporation that operates in over 20 countries with its headquarters in Dubai. DAMAC Properties Co develops leisure, commercial and residential properties in Dubai. The company also invests in real estate projects. The success of DAMAC group is attributed from the expertise of Sajwani in property development, sales, finance and legal sectors.

DAMAC Properties employ over 2000 employees. The company is a publicly listed corporation that is traded in Dubai finance market. By partnering with the most recognized brands in lifestyle and fashion, has brought exciting living concepts in the market. DAMAC projects include Ta golf course designed by Tiger wood and managed by The Trump Organization. Unique Paramount hotels and luxury villas styled by Bugatti. It has also developed the Italian Fashion houses. Positioning the company among the largest Hotel apartment operators, DAMAC Maison provided bespoke services to residents in approximately 12000 hotel apartments.

DAMAC partnered with Donald Trump in 2013 to develop two Trump branded golf course. The luxury villas have made almost $2 billion in sales. Sajwani and Trump have been seen to maintain their business relationship, and friendship has also developed. The two real estate giants celebrated the New Year’s Eve together. Sajwani visited New York, and he said that the election of President Trump would strengthen the brand which will benefit it. Sajwani wishes to enhance the deeper relationship with the Trump organization to further his business.

DAMAC group headed by Sajwani contributed two million to AED campaign. The contribution was to support the government in their effort to clothe a million children around the world. The campaign was intended to improve the standard of living in the world.

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Reviewing The Achievements Of Rick Shinto At InnovaCare Health

Assuring the health of individuals and offering services that answer healthcare problems is a process that demands a lot of care. Different companies that came into the healthcare industry on were forced out of business by one of the many challenges people face while dealing with problems. There are many issues that arise while managing a company among them being the lack of proper ideas and tools to pursue competition. In a market where there are several companies competing to offer the same service, the most important thing is the strategy on that a business applies to beat the competition.

In healthcare, there are two sides of the industry. One side is managed by the government while on the other side private companies have a role to play while offering healthcare services. The government offered access to Medicare Advantage and allowed private companies to chip in to spread the services to more people. Since this service came to existence, many companies founded a system that offers the different plans on InnovaCare Health is one of the companies that have been in the industry for more than 10 years. But since five years ago, the performance of the company has improved and now ranks as one of the best in Puerto Rico.

Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto is the brain behind the changes and success InnovaCare Health has achieved in the past five years. He picked the company when its performance was not something to write home about and worked his way to reviving its systems.

He previously served Aveta Inc., before he shifted to InnovaCare Health. Rick Shinto appreciates the insightful support he gets from Penelope Kokkinides, the chief administrator of the company. Penelope Kokkinides work together with Rick Shinto on major projects and have always remained in sync while addressing the problems ailing the company.

InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is a company that has seen changes in its system over the last five years to fit with the rising demand for managed healthcare services. Founded to serve Puerto Rico, the company has been working with individuals from different regions, who enjoy the good services offered says peneloep Kokkinides. It has an established system of service delivery and is one of the best-performing companies in the market.

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Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Austin, Texas, offers advice and planning services related to managing wealth. They have a three pillar approach for meeting their clients’ financial needs. These three pillars involve creating a financial plan, developing long-term financial strategies, and providing for insurance needs. Using this approach, Wealth Solutions has developed a proven track record that demonstrates their commitment to providing solid financial advice, planning and management to their clients.

According to Manta, because Richard Blair Wealth Solutions recognizes that each of their clients has different financial needs and goals, they provide each client with customized financial planning and advice, rather than only offering a single, standardized approach. However, certain key aspects of financial planning remain uniform throughout client portfolios at Wealth Solutions.

These aspects include things such as a commitment to diversifying investment portfolios, following a complete assessment of an individual client’s current financial position, assets and liabilities. Additionally, Wealth Solutions seeks to make sure that their clients’ investment strategies have room to evolve at the same pace that financial markets do, because markets can change very quickly, rendering an inflexible investment plan worthless.

Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 out of a desire to teach others about finances and how to manage them properly through every stage of life. Richard’s love of imparting others with knowledge grew out of his family’s legacy of teaching, as both his mother and grandmother were teachers.

Prior to founding Wealth Solutions, he attended the University of Houston, where he received his bachelor’s degree in finance. After completing his studies, Richard combined the things he had learned with his inclination toward teaching to create Wealth Solutions/

Since the establishment of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair has gained over 20 years of experience in the financial investment industry. He has also received numerous certifications such as Registered Investment Advisor, Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, and Retirement Income Certified Professional. His experience and certifications make Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions highly qualified when it comes to handling the planning and management of his clients’ finances.

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Getting to Know Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a rich entrepreneur from the United States of America. He is based in the state of Michigan. Dick DeVos was born in an affluent family as he is the son of Richard Devos, the co-founder of Amway. He has worked with his father’s company for 10 years. He served as the CEO of Amway from the year 1993 to 2002. His father is amongst the richest men in the US with an estimated wealth of $ 5. 1 billion. He tried out for the governorship chair of the state of Michigan in the year 2006 but finished second to Jennifer Granholm.


Devos parents are Richard Marvin and Helen June. For his elementary education, he attended the Forest Hills public schools. His experience and good nature come from the kind of education that he has received. He attended the Northwood University for his undergraduate degree where he specialized in business administration. He has also been involved with the Harvard Business School though he didn’t finish. He is also affiliated with an institution known as the Wharton Schools Executive Study Programs. He has also received honorably doctorates from various institutions that include Central Michigan University as well as Grove City College and the Northwood University. Dick is married to Betsy Devos who happens to be an activist for the education sector in the state of Michigan. She is also well known for her desire to change the education sector in the United States of America. Some of the posts that she has held in the past include the vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Currently, she is awaiting vetting by the Congress for the position of secretary of education after she was suggested by the presidential elect.


The businessman took an official role with the Amway in the year 1974 and rose through the ranks. Within this firm, he has been involved with various institutions that include development and research as well as marketing, finance, and the sales department. He has also served time as the President and the CEO of the Orlando Magic. He took this responsibility in the year 1991. Later on, in 1993, Devos left Orlando Magic and went back to the Amway Group after the departure of his father. Under his leadership, this company was able to penetrate over 50 countries within several continents.



Market Selloff

The New Chairman’s Relevance in the Growth of Capital Group

Tim Armour is an executive of one of the largest investment management companies in the world known as Capital Group. He was appointed to serve in the position of the chairperson in 2015. Timothy Armour succeeded Jim Rothenberg who was also instrumental in the growth of Capital Group. Armour attributes his impressive managerial career to his extensive professional expertise and economics degree he obtained from Middlebury College.

Timothy Armour also attributes his excellence to the experience he garnered from Capital Group’s Associates Program. After joining the Associates Program in 1993, Armour interacted with service and telecommunications professionals within the U.S. Tim Armour is also the director and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company. He is also recognized as a brilliant equity portfolio manager.

Armour’s Insights on Investing

Armour has adopted a unique managerial approach that has facilitated the growth of Capital Group. He believes that active managers should focus on developing and implementing pragmatic investing strategies. He gave an example of how Blockbuster and movie streaming industries recorded a variation in revenue. According to him, success relies on how managers can study the market and understand it thoroughly. It also relies on how they can use the information obtained from intensive market research to safeguard the interests of their businesses in the future. Armour also offered insights on the market selloff of 2015 that involved China.

China’s currency devalued during the selloff, and this affected the country’s economic state. The country contributes 15 percent to the total GDP of the world. According to Armour, this factor enables China to be influential on the global market. He said that investors should strive to understand the market and how to navigate adverse market conditions. Janet Yang, who is the Capital Group’s CFA, praised Armour for his contributions to the growth of the company. She said that Armour’s managerial approach involves evaluating the demands of his company and working towards addressing them.


Capital Group’s Partnership with Samsung

Capital Group recently collaborated with Samsung Asset Management on a project for retirement funds. The project highlights ways in which the two companies can address the future of pension funds. Armour was present when the partnership was signed. He said that the collaboration would help the two businesses in developing asset allocation products as well as retirement solutions. He also pointed out how the collaboration will enhance Samsung Asset Management’s investment capability. The project also seeks to design investment solutions that address the retirement, savings, and insurance demands of Korean investors.

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