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James Dondero’s Role In Promoting Highlands’s Participation In the Community

Highland Capital Management aims to excel both in business and make an impact in the community where its employee lives. James Dondero, CEO and President of the company recently said that Highlands will enhance its partnership with its long-time partner Dallas Foundation to improve the impact of its charity fund that has grown to an excess of $3 million. According to Dondero, the selection of Dallas Foundation was because the not-for-profit organization is intertwined in the North Texas Community with a clear proven track record of achievements in the region.

The partnership formed Highland Foundation Inc. which is a supporting organization of the Dallas Foundation. The today’s philanthropic environment is a challenging one especially with many companies avoiding community participation and instead concentrating on competition and profit maximization. Therefore, companies willing to contribute to non-profit organizations is a unique opportunity and a good strategy to engage the community. NPOs like Dallas Foundation can access a sustainable source of funding for their long-term operations.

Dondero believes that community culture is vital to the company because it improves the lives of Highlands’s employees and the community as a whole. Highlands has always participated in veterans programs concentrated on healthcare, education, and veteran’s initiatives. The partnership deal with Dallas Foundation comes after the company decided to hire Linda Owen to focus exclusively on Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. through connecting the company’s vision in community participation to improve the lives of veterans in North Texas.

James Dondero is a president who has excelled both in business and enhancing community involvement. With over 30 years of experience, he heads the Global Allocation Fund in the company that focuses on investing in the U.S. and foreign debt securities.

Dondero has led Highland Capital to become one of the most experienced global alternative investment managers offering credit-oriented strategies and asset management advice to both retail and institutions.  Mr. Dondero also holds a portfolio manager position at Next Point Credit Strategies fund.

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Diversant and John Goullet’s plan to provide the best IT staffing services

When you talk of Diversant LLC, you are talking about a company that offers services different from the rest. They strive for greatness and achieving exceptional services. They live by their motto reads “empowered by difference.” It is one of the few companies we find simply unordinary and far from average. Through the help of their, motto Diversant has created a team of experts empowered by unordinary services.

You will be pleased to do any form of IT staffing business with Diversant. It is a fully certified IT business and also one of the top Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. The entire firm is considered as one of the top business African-American owned IT staffing firm within the United States. The company provides excellent products and services. Their IT staffing and diversity products range from innovative diversity solutions, IT staff augmentation to direct hire.

Diversant has solid principles that help it provide the highest level of service. The business always strives to provide exceptional IT products. Its goal is to help everyone be satisfied with their services. The company highly values its consultants, partners, and every customer by accommodating needs for all these groups.

John Goullet was recently mentioned as the Principal of Diversant. This is great news in the tech world since John has been a leader of highly successful companies. He long served as CEO of info Technologies where he led the company to paths of huge success. John Goullet is an entrepreneur who is highly skilled in his field. Nothing came easy for him, and he doesn’t want that way.

A brief interaction with John and you will realize that he likes to work for everything he has. As an entrepreneur, he has led Info Technologies from the bottom to become something unique and significant. John is gifted and has unmatched entrepreneurial skills. He has in the past handled the IT staffing sector at Diversant.

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Get Your Wiki Perfect For Acquiring Inclusion In Wikipedia

There are many things to consider when promoting your business online. There are many different ways to make yourself known on the Internet, but one aspect of promotion that is not looked at regularly is making the move to get onto Wikipedia. Many people consider Wikipedia the absolute center of all knowledge on the Internet. Where there was once encyclopedias and reference materials available offline through libraries, Wikipedia has come along over the last few years and has become the main gateway of knowledge online and offline.

Conquering the learning curve and learning how to make a Wikipedia page for online marketing and promotion however is a very detailed undertaking. You can imagine with the success and popularity of Wikipedia, many individuals try to take advantage of its worldwide reach by adding material to its pages that may not pass as legitimate information to include in its massive online knowledge base. Very few people understand the ins and outs of Wikipedia page creation, and how to properly navigate its editorial and company guidelines in order to promote a smaller business or entity.

While you or others around you may not know the ins and outs of promoting services and businesses on Wikipedia, companies such as Get Your Wiki do. Get Your Wiki has been providing Wikipedia promotional services to its customers for some time now, and after helping many businesses, have a proven and tested way to get local businesses exposure to Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki is a writing and promotional service specifically designed to help individuals and businesses increase their online exposure by writing, designing, and publishing materials that will be seen on Wikipedia. The bottom line is businesses gain increased exposure online, as well as authority from a search engine optimization standpoint. If you are looking to increase your online presence, and want to hire a Wikipedia expert to get your own wiki page on Wikipedia, you should consult with Get Your Wiki as soon as possible.

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Corporate World Compliance with Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison serves in one of San Francisco’s largest advisory firms, Hall Capital Partners, LLC as the Chief Compliance Officer. Helane is a member of the Executive Committee of the firm. The company tries to depict how we lost the much-required trust in the financial sector as a result of the 2008’s economic crash. The crash saw many of us start placing our finances in their hands. However, after the phase of the economic crash, Hall Capital came to our rescue through its impassioned enforcement of regulatory compliance, accountability, trust and integrity in all their dealings.

Morrison is a self-motivated, hardworking woman who has set new standards of achievement in the compliance world. It is through her assertiveness, firmness, and versatility that she has been able to leave a great impression in corporate compliance. Every investment, which Morrison and her associates at Hall Capital make for their clients, is solid, well researched, and ethical. The firm makes sure every company that they collaborate with goes through an extensive background check to ensure compliance, integrity and to ascertain they can be trusted with client’s investments. The company works with reputable financial advisors, mutual fund advisors as well as brokerage firms.

She was primarily responsible for enforcing litigation, securities issues, and regulatory compliance in the Northern California area. When she was the Regional Director of SEC, she was in charge of five Northwest States. At SEC, Morrison represented its business relations, legal matters, government agencies and financial communities. During her service at SEC, she dealt with substantial fraud cases surrounding top executives from renowned companies like Google, NextCard Inc., HBO, and Hewlett-Packard. She also led in exposing the delusory sale of faux securities to more than 50,000 personnel in the military by American Amicable, which is an insurance company.

Prior to joining SEC from 1986-1996, Ms. Morrison was practicing law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She worked diligently and was promoted in 1991 to be a partner. Morrison was actively involved in litigation issues, SEC matters, internal corporate investigations, and defense of private securities. Earlier on, she served as a clerk to Harry A. Blackmun and Hon. Richard Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals. She is also a seasonal speaker on compliance and legal issues.