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Reviewing The Achievements Of Rick Shinto At InnovaCare Health

Assuring the health of individuals and offering services that answer healthcare problems is a process that demands a lot of care. Different companies that came into the healthcare industry on were forced out of business by one of the many challenges people face while dealing with problems. There are many issues that arise while managing a company among them being the lack of proper ideas and tools to pursue competition. In a market where there are several companies competing to offer the same service, the most important thing is the strategy on that a business applies to beat the competition.

In healthcare, there are two sides of the industry. One side is managed by the government while on the other side private companies have a role to play while offering healthcare services. The government offered access to Medicare Advantage and allowed private companies to chip in to spread the services to more people. Since this service came to existence, many companies founded a system that offers the different plans on InnovaCare Health is one of the companies that have been in the industry for more than 10 years. But since five years ago, the performance of the company has improved and now ranks as one of the best in Puerto Rico.

Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto is the brain behind the changes and success InnovaCare Health has achieved in the past five years. He picked the company when its performance was not something to write home about and worked his way to reviving its systems.

He previously served Aveta Inc., before he shifted to InnovaCare Health. Rick Shinto appreciates the insightful support he gets from Penelope Kokkinides, the chief administrator of the company. Penelope Kokkinides work together with Rick Shinto on major projects and have always remained in sync while addressing the problems ailing the company.

InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is a company that has seen changes in its system over the last five years to fit with the rising demand for managed healthcare services. Founded to serve Puerto Rico, the company has been working with individuals from different regions, who enjoy the good services offered says peneloep Kokkinides. It has an established system of service delivery and is one of the best-performing companies in the market.

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Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Austin, Texas, offers advice and planning services related to managing wealth. They have a three pillar approach for meeting their clients’ financial needs. These three pillars involve creating a financial plan, developing long-term financial strategies, and providing for insurance needs. Using this approach, Wealth Solutions has developed a proven track record that demonstrates their commitment to providing solid financial advice, planning and management to their clients.

According to Manta, because Richard Blair Wealth Solutions recognizes that each of their clients has different financial needs and goals, they provide each client with customized financial planning and advice, rather than only offering a single, standardized approach. However, certain key aspects of financial planning remain uniform throughout client portfolios at Wealth Solutions.

These aspects include things such as a commitment to diversifying investment portfolios, following a complete assessment of an individual client’s current financial position, assets and liabilities. Additionally, Wealth Solutions seeks to make sure that their clients’ investment strategies have room to evolve at the same pace that financial markets do, because markets can change very quickly, rendering an inflexible investment plan worthless.

Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 out of a desire to teach others about finances and how to manage them properly through every stage of life. Richard’s love of imparting others with knowledge grew out of his family’s legacy of teaching, as both his mother and grandmother were teachers.

Prior to founding Wealth Solutions, he attended the University of Houston, where he received his bachelor’s degree in finance. After completing his studies, Richard combined the things he had learned with his inclination toward teaching to create Wealth Solutions/

Since the establishment of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair has gained over 20 years of experience in the financial investment industry. He has also received numerous certifications such as Registered Investment Advisor, Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, and Retirement Income Certified Professional. His experience and certifications make Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions highly qualified when it comes to handling the planning and management of his clients’ finances.

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Getting to Know Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a rich entrepreneur from the United States of America. He is based in the state of Michigan. Dick DeVos was born in an affluent family as he is the son of Richard Devos, the co-founder of Amway. He has worked with his father’s company for 10 years. He served as the CEO of Amway from the year 1993 to 2002. His father is amongst the richest men in the US with an estimated wealth of $ 5. 1 billion. He tried out for the governorship chair of the state of Michigan in the year 2006 but finished second to Jennifer Granholm.


Devos parents are Richard Marvin and Helen June. For his elementary education, he attended the Forest Hills public schools. His experience and good nature come from the kind of education that he has received. He attended the Northwood University for his undergraduate degree where he specialized in business administration. He has also been involved with the Harvard Business School though he didn’t finish. He is also affiliated with an institution known as the Wharton Schools Executive Study Programs. He has also received honorably doctorates from various institutions that include Central Michigan University as well as Grove City College and the Northwood University. Dick is married to Betsy Devos who happens to be an activist for the education sector in the state of Michigan. She is also well known for her desire to change the education sector in the United States of America. Some of the posts that she has held in the past include the vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Currently, she is awaiting vetting by the Congress for the position of secretary of education after she was suggested by the presidential elect.


The businessman took an official role with the Amway in the year 1974 and rose through the ranks. Within this firm, he has been involved with various institutions that include development and research as well as marketing, finance, and the sales department. He has also served time as the President and the CEO of the Orlando Magic. He took this responsibility in the year 1991. Later on, in 1993, Devos left Orlando Magic and went back to the Amway Group after the departure of his father. Under his leadership, this company was able to penetrate over 50 countries within several continents.



Market Selloff

The New Chairman’s Relevance in the Growth of Capital Group

Tim Armour is an executive of one of the largest investment management companies in the world known as Capital Group. He was appointed to serve in the position of the chairperson in 2015. Timothy Armour succeeded Jim Rothenberg who was also instrumental in the growth of Capital Group. Armour attributes his impressive managerial career to his extensive professional expertise and economics degree he obtained from Middlebury College.

Timothy Armour also attributes his excellence to the experience he garnered from Capital Group’s Associates Program. After joining the Associates Program in 1993, Armour interacted with service and telecommunications professionals within the U.S. Tim Armour is also the director and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company. He is also recognized as a brilliant equity portfolio manager.

Armour’s Insights on Investing

Armour has adopted a unique managerial approach that has facilitated the growth of Capital Group. He believes that active managers should focus on developing and implementing pragmatic investing strategies. He gave an example of how Blockbuster and movie streaming industries recorded a variation in revenue. According to him, success relies on how managers can study the market and understand it thoroughly. It also relies on how they can use the information obtained from intensive market research to safeguard the interests of their businesses in the future. Armour also offered insights on the market selloff of 2015 that involved China.

China’s currency devalued during the selloff, and this affected the country’s economic state. The country contributes 15 percent to the total GDP of the world. According to Armour, this factor enables China to be influential on the global market. He said that investors should strive to understand the market and how to navigate adverse market conditions. Janet Yang, who is the Capital Group’s CFA, praised Armour for his contributions to the growth of the company. She said that Armour’s managerial approach involves evaluating the demands of his company and working towards addressing them.


Capital Group’s Partnership with Samsung

Capital Group recently collaborated with Samsung Asset Management on a project for retirement funds. The project highlights ways in which the two companies can address the future of pension funds. Armour was present when the partnership was signed. He said that the collaboration would help the two businesses in developing asset allocation products as well as retirement solutions. He also pointed out how the collaboration will enhance Samsung Asset Management’s investment capability. The project also seeks to design investment solutions that address the retirement, savings, and insurance demands of Korean investors.

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Women in Business

Doe Deere: The Queen Behind Lime Crime Makeup

The self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorn, Doe Deere is a force to reckon with. We know her from her unconventional ways and her colorful lipstick and hair, but her journey to greatness is something that we should all emulate. At an interview with Samantha Guarnieri, Doe takes us through her journey from a small ambitious kid to a well-known successful entrepreneur. She has always had an eye for bright colors which she took as a stepping stone to her greatness. Something that we should all emulate: to follow our dreams and passions and use them to benefit ourselves and the people around us.



From a tender age, Doe knew what she wanted to be, an artist. However, she knew that nothing great came easy. Being an all rounded student, she did a market research and realized that her classmates wanted to be associate with the class that came with tattoos. She decided to start selling temporary tattoos to her classmates something that drew her some money. Both the young and the elder can learn something from this.



Doe’s dream was to become a musician. As much as it did not work out, she learned so much lesson from the experience. There is nothing that comes easy. One has to learn how to relate to people especially your supporters. Also, when people show up to an event or when they give you a chance, it is important that a an entrepreneur you give them your all.



From all those ups and downs, Doe is now the owner of Lime Crime Makeup. Lime Crime was began due to a moment of desperation. Doe wanted something bright to match her outfit. However, it was impossible to find purple, pink or any bright lipstick or blush. From then on, Doe decided to make these products that were not in the market with the hope of freeing her Unicorns who wanted to stand out.



Lime crime is now one of the most sought out companies that make makeup products. The company’s leadership has brought the company to where it is. Lime crime seeks to give its clients the chance to be free and enjoy the many colors. The company continues bringing in new and incredible products every day.




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Why Indigenous People are not Adequately Represented in Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the largest web project in the world. It has millions of articles in several languages, and it has over thirty million users. However, a recent study revealed that the respected web page does not contain enough information about indigenous people. The study concluded that this was caused by issues of access and demographics.

The Wikipedia experts represent different places and cultures of the globe. Most of the local users do not like taking on the projects that represent or may be define their countries or cultures. Nations that are considered wealthy are also disproportionally represented on the site. For instance, the users in North America edit their articles one hundred times more that the users located in Africa. The broadband availability was the primary factor in deciding whether a country was represented or not.

Without the right access to the web page, it’s hard for people in the world to contribute. However, some of the policies used in Wikipedia can also be the reason there is no enough content concerning indigenous people. This was evident when a professor from the University of Hampshire decided to lead her American Native Class in writing new content about Native American authors on the site. The student wrote new artless and added information to the international site, but at the end of the day, most of the articles submitted by the student were deleted or rejected because, according to the editors, they lacked notability.

Wikipedia introduced the concept of notability to determine if a topic was suitable to warrant an article. The university student’s articles were considered to be under-documented, and this made most of the work to be rejected. If some of these policies from the web page are revised, information about indigenous people in the community will be improved significantly.

Writing for Wikipedia is not a walk in the park. A writer does not write as if they are representing their blog. The site has special requirements on the content and information posted. For some individuals, this might be easy, but for others, it might be a very challenging affair. First of all, an individual has to register in Wikipedia so that they can write content. If your account is not registered, then the content will automatically be rejected. It is also crucial do so some practice before writing for Wikipedia to minimize the chances of getting rejections.

If you realize that the article or content you have created has not been approved, then it is advisable to hire a professional to do the job for you. Get Your Wiki has veteran editors will create and edit a Wikipedia article at very affordable prices.

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The Festive Season Can Be Enjoyed With The Help Of UK Vintners

The Holiday season are to be enjoyed with the taste of a high quality wine from one of the top UK vintners in the view of the UKV PLC company. There are many high quality options available for those who would like to celebrate the Holiday season with a high quality vintage from some of the top traditional producers of wine in the world; UKV PLC is well known for providing some of the top options from the Bordeaux region of France that is one of the main areas the company has developed links with over the course of its lifespan.

UKV PLC is dedicated to bringing the best possible wines available to its ever increasing clients list with a focus on what is known as the Old World of wine production regions in France, Italy, and Spain. The bonus of working with UKV PLC is the fact this UK vintners has nor found itself linked to a specific partnership of vineyards or wineries, but instead has developed independent links between itself and some of the top wine producers in the world.

In the coming Holiday season, the wine experts at UKV PLC have been working to create a list of the top wines to enjoy over the festive period that have a definite focus upon the Bordeaux region that has always been important to the global wine industry. There are specific flavors, textures and colors that are traditionally associated with the festive period, which is why the raspberry and cranberry flavors of the 2008 Beychevelle vintage that is now at the perfect maturity level for enjoying over the coming season.

Deep reds and purples affect the list from UKV PLC that is dominated by red wine varieties from across Bordeaux, including the Ducru Beauchaillou from 2005 that has reached the peak level of maturity to be enjoyed over this season with its deep purple color; the deep purple of the Ducru Beauchaillou has been created at the winery of the sakme name that is one of the oldest in Bordeaux’s Saint-Julien region.

The fruits of the winter season and textures of the Holiday season can be seen in a number of wines that UKV PLC believe will be the perfect accompaniment to what is said to be happiest season of all. For easy drinking during the Holiday season UK vintners at UKV PLC believe the Merlot flavors of the 1998 Montrose are a perfect accompaniment to any party that may take place over the festive period; in contrast, a high quality dessert wine is always a good option for those who are looking for the perfect end to any Holiday meal, and one of the best available is the D’Yquem 2009 that includes a range of spices and spiced fruit flavor that instantly bring to mind the festive time of year.

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Sam Boraie Bringing Life Back to Cities

When Boraie Development LLC first landed in New Brunswick, there were 21 old and run-down buildings on a block. It purchased them all and came up with a plan intended to make the city more tasteful. As a result, the Albany Street Plaza Tower – comprised of 250,000 sq. feet office space—came up. Then arrived Tower Two, just next to Tower One.

As the Vice President of the company, Sam Boraie is one of the most important influences in transforming New Brunswick. Through his efforts, the city can now boast of some of the most luxurious buildings including its own tallest one, One Spring Street Condominium which stands in twenty-five-story, 10,000 sq. feet magnificence. It has 400 parking spaces together with outdoor space enough for barbecuing or even walking your dog.

With the latest building – Aspire – Boraie Development has proved its management’s determination in propelling New Brunswick to the top of the world. The 17-story building has 37,000 sq. feet of space in which 238 luxurious residential units comfortably sit. The four-story parking garage completes the picture of a building which any classy person will be happy to call home.

Keeping the Community Happy

Entertainment is as big a part of a community as any other. The State Theatre in New Brunswick is, therefore, one of the most important establishments in the city. While he sits on its Board of Trustees, Sam Boraie has sponsored the theatre’s Free Summer Movie Series. The movies in the series include Aladdin, Despicable Me 2, Monster University and Frozen – all family favorites.

Getting Rid of Poverty for Good

Poverty is one of the main sources of social evils and suffering in the community. With this realization in mind, Elijah’s Promise on NY Times, a charitable organization came up with an initiative for eradication of poverty through empowering members of communities in the State of New Jersey through satisfactory and sustainable jobs, creation of businesses that are socially-conscious as well as providing safe and nutritional food. As a member of the organization’s Board of Directors, Sam Boraie has ensured the success of its efforts while at the same time helping in coming up with plans for the future.

Reaching Beyond the Home Town

While the popularity of Boraie Development in New Brunswick has risen to incredible heights, the company seeks to breathe in new life to communities in Newark and Atlantic City. Through its leaders, including Sam Boraie, it has brought some of the most modern buildings in the two cities. It has partnered with Shaquille O’Neal, a basketball star in putting up the newest high-rise residential complex on in downtown Newark in half a century as well as a new movie theater among other construction projects.

The company is steadfastly determined in building a new home for the people of Atlantic City. Some of the targeted areas include the southern part of the resort city which had previously stood barren. There are also enough open space for development around the Revel Casino Hotel Tower, among many other areas.

Bottom Line

While Sam Boraie is obviously one of the most successful developers in the world, he has not run away with the fruits of his success. His achievements have not only greatly benefitted the people of his home city but also people living far away from New Brunswick. If his current zeal is anything to go by, he is likely to double his efforts in reaching out his hand to more places and people living in different parts of the country in coming years.


Meet the Man Behind the Success of Capital Group

Timothy (Tim) Armour was born in 1961 in the United States of America. Currently, he is the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group, a position he was appointed to in 2008. It’s due to his successful 32 years in the organization that saw him rise from a participant in associate programs to equity investment analyst where he focused on world telecommunication and the USA service delivery companies.

Tim Armour advises managers to assist investors to have investments that are above the average for short duration of time. Moreover, he argues them to embark more on research concerning the companies. It is important as it will reduce the risk of engaging and running the business. He further stresses the need for managers to place policies that will ensure that they are always at the same level whether in times of trade downfall or rise.

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Janet Yang, CFA View of the Organization Success

Janet attributes the huge success to the company having qualified and experienced workers who have served the organization for a long duration of time. Furthermore, the great servants of the society have already been made aware of the organization intended goals. She further goes ahead to state that the company has adequate capital that makes its operations easier.

She acknowledges that the company has well-defined measures to stay at the top where they are expanding and reorganizing equity team like witnessed in 2012 giving them a boost. She further points out that the multimanager system, which accommodates many managers, makes the task executed simpler. Further, she notes that the fund manager incentive makes them responsible for any loss incurred by clients as it will be felt by them too. She thinks that out of a long list, Timothy Armour as the current chairman was an ideal appointee in the company’s management job based on his contribution to the enterprise.

Capital Group Partnership with the Samsung Asset Management

The aim of the association was to increase the growth of productive investment for the Korean investors. They sought to achieve this by co-developing retirement solution and asset allocation. It would be possible by teaching the Samsung Asset Management capital the style of the Directorate. He points out that this will make investment more efficient and hence satisfy the needs of Korean people.

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Magnises, Magnises card

Billy McFarland builds an enthusiastic Magnises Community

Billy McFarland is a 24-year-old CEO who is the founder of Magnises. He states that Magnises is a community that powers and adds value. Young professionals that want to meet other professionals find the card critical. The company has partnered with other brands for offers and special events. Businesses that want to access young professionals to make them future customers have found the card helpful for future clients.

McFarland business model follows a creative and innovative approach. The company always hires the best people to come up with new features and products. One strategy that has helped the business grow is focusing on community growth and development.

The whole Magnises idea is less about having the card and more of the community. This has seen Magnises acquire more than 10,000 members within Washington D.C and New York City.

When asked about his biggest failures with the card, Billy McFarland notes that his path to success could never have been possible without business failure. Most of the products he started have ended up as failures. He is a big believer of coming up with 10 to 20 ideas every single and sticking with very few of them.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland is the former CEO of Spling. He talked about the business model and why he decided to focus on a new approach. Having started in Philadelphia, he left the city to start new ventures in New York City. He stated that the reason for moving to NYC was to enable him achieve success with the card.

At the end of the day, what mattered with his business model was in the volumes of sales. Most of the Magnises investors were located in New York City and had a good portion of portfolio of companies at that location. The company was also targeting the best talent in the city. Luckily Magnises card has found the best talent to help the business model grow.