Investment Adviser

Highland Capital Management proudly supports scholarship in public policy and international affairs

Highland Capital Management’s Mark Okada possesses the personal and social competence commonly displayed by ‘standout’ managers in the complex world of alternative credit investments. Okada is part and parcel of a growing movement innovative leaders who understand the practical value of character, synergistic participation, personality, and mentorship. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Mark Okada uses his position and platform as a springboard to uplift and engage with communities in Dallas. The Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer excels at the crossroad of financial innovation on Wall Street, and economic impact on Main Street.

For firms like Highland Capital Management, investments in college preparatory internships, organizational partnerships, and progressive sponsorships are paramount to the future health of prominent institutions such as itself. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

The Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program through Southern Methodist University was created as an endowment initiative tasked with manufacturing a pipeline for tomorrow’s leaders. Through a multidisciplinary curriculum of real world policy and international affairs, students put education into action through closely directed research projects meant to clarify how to tackle policy-making processes. Open to a variety of students with diverse academic interests and backgrounds, the program continues to leave a deep impact on the lives of its participants.

In its investment approach, Highland Capital Management is bold, disciplined, and experienced- according to its acclaimed philosophy. Based on robust, sound principals combined with a top-down framework, Highland has consistently hit portfolio risk targets. The strength of interdepartmental relationships, particularly between the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager determine the firm’s capabilities when generating alpha for its clientele.


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