Gustavo Martinez Advertising Q & A

We had the chance to sit down for a brief Q & A session with Gustavo Martinez. As the former head of such leading marketing firms as J. Walter Thomson and Olgilvy and Mather, Martinez is able to provide his own unique insights into marketing trends of today. He shares with us what he believes are the important trends and what you can do to have advertising success.

Gustavo Martinez Shares Advertising Insights

Consultants in Marketing and Advertising

First, let’s discuss the role of consultant in today’s industry. Martinez advises that he’s always viewed consultants as pivotal players. In fact, he’s worked as a advertising consultant himself and points out that, unlike in other industries, the marketing and advertising world has been using consultants for more than one hundred years. While it’s become a trend to use consultants only recently in other industries, the advertising world has a longstanding tradition.

Top-quality creative minds are the lifeblood of a good advertising campaign, advises Martinez. It’s in sharp contrast to other industries that prefer working with a stable group of employees who tend to repeat the same tasks over and over. In advertising? You paint a picture using advertising, and that requires applying a certain artistic process to the enterprise. Using a team of creative consultants is the perfect energy to fuel your company’s success.

UV Business Acceleration

Martinez advises that by optimizing a client company’s marketing strategy, you can help them establish and maintain business success. In past decades, it would have been necessary to try different marketing campaigns through trial and error.

Now, we can harvest data and apply it using Artificial Intelligence to transform a company’s marketing campaigns. Using modern technology allows us in the marketing and advertising world to be nimble, quickly adapting our client company’s message to their needs.

Typical Day in the Life

While some people would label Martinez a workaholic, he sees things differently. A typical day, Martinez has breakfast with his family after waking around 7 in the morning. He does a quick read of business news and reviews emails before heading into the office. His hours? He generally works from about 9 a.m. and continues working until around 7 to 9 p.m. At this point in his career, Martinez enjoys being an entrepreneur.

Trends in Advertising

In terms of the future of advertising, Martinez advises we’ll see big changes soon. Our use of smart technology coupled with data analysis will allow marketing firms to work with clients and create a new kind of customer service.

As an example, we will soon be able to anticipate when a customer wants new groceries and ship food straight to their homes by drone in a seamless process. Creativity will be even more crucially important as advertisers require the marketing industry to remain nimble.

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