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Doe Deere: The Queen Behind Lime Crime Makeup

The self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorn, Doe Deere is a force to reckon with. We know her from her unconventional ways and her colorful lipstick and hair, but her journey to greatness is something that we should all emulate. At an interview with Samantha Guarnieri, Doe takes us through her journey from a small ambitious kid to a well-known successful entrepreneur. She has always had an eye for bright colors which she took as a stepping stone to her greatness. Something that we should all emulate: to follow our dreams and passions and use them to benefit ourselves and the people around us.



From a tender age, Doe knew what she wanted to be, an artist. However, she knew that nothing great came easy. Being an all rounded student, she did a market research and realized that her classmates wanted to be associate with the class that came with tattoos. She decided to start selling temporary tattoos to her classmates something that drew her some money. Both the young and the elder can learn something from this.



Doe’s dream was to become a musician. As much as it did not work out, she learned so much lesson from the experience. There is nothing that comes easy. One has to learn how to relate to people especially your supporters. Also, when people show up to an event or when they give you a chance, it is important that a an entrepreneur you give them your all.



From all those ups and downs, Doe is now the owner of Lime Crime Makeup. Lime Crime was began due to a moment of desperation. Doe wanted something bright to match her outfit. However, it was impossible to find purple, pink or any bright lipstick or blush. From then on, Doe decided to make these products that were not in the market with the hope of freeing her Unicorns who wanted to stand out.



Lime crime is now one of the most sought out companies that make makeup products. The company’s leadership has brought the company to where it is. Lime crime seeks to give its clients the chance to be free and enjoy the many colors. The company continues bringing in new and incredible products every day.




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