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Moving Friends and Errands around Japan with Kim Dao!

In this vlog Kim Dao spends some time with a friend and fellow YouTuber Sophie (Peachmilky), as well as take care of a few errands around Japan and briefly talk about changing up her vlog editing style. Compared to her other videos, this vlog is much shorter but it’s still chock-full of good content and lovely Japanese scenery for her viewers to take in.


Kim Dao starts this vlog off by taking a train to Sophie’s in order to help her and her boyfriend move to another apartment; but not before spending some quality time together exchanging gifts, snacking, and watching anime in bed. Then it’s up, bright and early, for the move. However, the girls get a little sidetracked and decide to stop and get a delicious Japanese style breakfast.


After the move Kim Dao does a few errands while treating us to the lovely sights of Japan because it’s too beautiful to pass up. Who doesn’t love a good montage! After taking care of everything for the day Kim Dao comes home to share her grocery haul. Nothing too crazy here, the basic butter, cheese, and face wash.


At the end of her vlog Kim Dao discusses her shift in video editing style, saying this vlog was quite different than her previous videos, which is “literally cutting and pasting clips”. She wanted to change things up a little by adding city scenes and music and asks for viewer feedback. How do you think she did?


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Kim Dao’s Korean Skin Care Routine

Beauty and lifestyle blogger Kim Dao recently posted a video featuring Korean skincare products and their benefits. Dao shares that she’s been using Korean products for about two years now, and has noticed a difference in the moisture balance of her skin.


For the winter, she recommends a makeup remover like Banila Co Clean It Zero, which has papaya extract to cleanse the pores and promote skin cell turnover. The remover also has vitamin C, which is a natural skin brightener.


Kim Dao also recommends the Vanity Planet facial brush, which gives the skin a deep clean after makeup is removed. The brush also reduces pore size and removes bacteria from the face. She uses Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam with the facial brush to thoroughly cleanse the skin and get rid of excess oil that can lead to breakouts.


After cleansing her face, Kim Dao uses a Collagen Moistful Toner from Etude House. The toner is alcohol-free and improves the texture of the skin while getting rid of any makeup residue. She also shares that aloe vera gel is ideal for moisturizing the skin after toning and getting rid of redness.


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