Ara Chackerian, an Investor with a Big Heart

Ara Chackerian is a famous business person in the healthcare industry. He is an expert in the healthcare market structure with a keen eye on existing market gaps. For this reason, Chackerian founded the TMS Solutions. The company aims to manage their clinics in line with insurance covers that are not within their patients. The idea is to link up the existing gap between patients and Healthcare Providers. TMS Solutions offers a consultation room and a doctor’s office in each clinic. The two rooms are designed in such a way that they provide a calm, serene atmosphere that is appealing to patients suffering from depression. The environment is conducive for treatment and care of patients with severe, chronic depression.

Apart from founding TMS Solutions, Ara Chackerian is also an angel investor. He invests in young companies that show an ability to reinvent the United States healthcare industry. He has co-founded BMC Diagnostics, a well-known company that majors in diagnostic imaging services. He also co-founded PipelineRx, a nationwide provider of Telephamacy services. Chackerian is also a managing partner at the ASC Capital Holdings. The company is a reputable investor in the field of Healthcare. Chackerian has a rich experience in leadership roles at the executive level. He has served at TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx as Executive Chairman. He has also served at BMC Diagnostics as the Chief Executive Officer and, as the Executive Vice President, PSS/World Medical. Chackarien has a B.S. in Marketing from Florida State University. Check out to know more.


Ara Chackerian is also famous for his philanthropic activities. He has joined hands with some non-governmental organizations in humanitarian projects that aim to assist communities to live a better life. His areas of interest include the environment, educational and employment opportunities for the youth. His activities are mostly concentrated in Armenia, Nicaragua and, the United States. Currently, he is involved in a teak farm project in Nicaragua. The project is known as Limonapa Teak. The farm is an environmental project aimed at conserving the natural environment by use of sustainable agricultural practices. Today, Limonapa Teak project is an important source of employment for the local community and the youth. You can visit


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Clay Hutson on his success in the music industry

From a young age, Clayton Hutson had a lot of passion for music which made him enroll for a course of theater arts when he was young. His love for music pushed him to enroll at Central Michigan University, and he also did a Master’s degree in business administration at Stephen M. Ross School of business. On graduation, Clay was privileged to hold several positions with live entertainment companies.

Clayton was privileged to work with Billy Graham’s sound team since he knew about sound engineering. Clayton passion in rock ‘n’ roll music made him chose to venture into the music industry. His exposure to sound engineering, management, and live performances enabled him to start his own business. Clay discovered that he was naturally an entrepreneur making him so successful in the business he engaged in, such that it grew so fast alongside his reputation for exemplary and dependable work. Clayton said in an interview that when starting his musical career there was an economic decline and there were times he doubted if the business would work.

He said that it was not a walk in the park but his will to succeed, accompanied by hard work and consistency made him successful. In addition, to traveling with Billy Graham’s sound team, Clay was privileged to travel with other musicians such as band called Garbage to many countries in Europe. One of Clayton’s outstanding achievements is operating an automatic rigging system belonging to One Republic when it had one of its biggest tours.

Recently, he has been able to work with famous musicians such as Pink and Kelly just to mention a few as the designer, manager, and producer for their concerts. During his interview, Clayton said that his company earns money by providing sound engineering services, live production, and rigging services. He added that his company also provides logistics and stage management in addition to production design and management. Clayton also added that he has been able to get business from recommendations by clients in addition to running a website. He says that the site is used to provide valuable information about what he does and the different ways on how he helps musicians. Clayton also has a Linkedin profile where he can connect with people within the same industry. He said that the connections he gets from LinkedIn help in strengthening the public image and also help him get more business. Learn more: