Market Selloff

The New Chairman’s Relevance in the Growth of Capital Group

Tim Armour is an executive of one of the largest investment management companies in the world known as Capital Group. He was appointed to serve in the position of the chairperson in 2015. Timothy Armour succeeded Jim Rothenberg who was also instrumental in the growth of Capital Group. Armour attributes his impressive managerial career to his extensive professional expertise and economics degree he obtained from Middlebury College.

Timothy Armour also attributes his excellence to the experience he garnered from Capital Group’s Associates Program. After joining the Associates Program in 1993, Armour interacted with service and telecommunications professionals within the U.S. Tim Armour is also the director and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company. He is also recognized as a brilliant equity portfolio manager.

Armour’s Insights on Investing

Armour has adopted a unique managerial approach that has facilitated the growth of Capital Group. He believes that active managers should focus on developing and implementing pragmatic investing strategies. He gave an example of how Blockbuster and movie streaming industries recorded a variation in revenue. According to him, success relies on how managers can study the market and understand it thoroughly. It also relies on how they can use the information obtained from intensive market research to safeguard the interests of their businesses in the future. Armour also offered insights on the market selloff of 2015 that involved China.

China’s currency devalued during the selloff, and this affected the country‚Äôs economic state. The country contributes 15 percent to the total GDP of the world. According to Armour, this factor enables China to be influential on the global market. He said that investors should strive to understand the market and how to navigate adverse market conditions. Janet Yang, who is the Capital Group’s CFA, praised Armour for his contributions to the growth of the company. She said that Armour’s managerial approach involves evaluating the demands of his company and working towards addressing them.


Capital Group’s Partnership with Samsung

Capital Group recently collaborated with Samsung Asset Management on a project for retirement funds. The project highlights ways in which the two companies can address the future of pension funds. Armour was present when the partnership was signed. He said that the collaboration would help the two businesses in developing asset allocation products as well as retirement solutions. He also pointed out how the collaboration will enhance Samsung Asset Management’s investment capability. The project also seeks to design investment solutions that address the retirement, savings, and insurance demands of Korean investors.

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