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Why Indigenous People are not Adequately Represented in Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the largest web project in the world. It has millions of articles in several languages, and it has over thirty million users. However, a recent study revealed that the respected web page does not contain enough information about indigenous people. The study concluded that this was caused by issues of access and demographics.

The Wikipedia experts represent different places and cultures of the globe. Most of the local users do not like taking on the projects that represent or may be define their countries or cultures. Nations that are considered wealthy are also disproportionally represented on the site. For instance, the users in North America edit their articles one hundred times more that the users located in Africa. The broadband availability was the primary factor in deciding whether a country was represented or not.

Without the right access to the web page, it’s hard for people in the world to contribute. However, some of the policies used in Wikipedia can also be the reason there is no enough content concerning indigenous people. This was evident when a professor from the University of Hampshire decided to lead her American Native Class in writing new content about Native American authors on the site. The student wrote new artless and added information to the international site, but at the end of the day, most of the articles submitted by the student were deleted or rejected because, according to the editors, they lacked notability.

Wikipedia introduced the concept of notability to determine if a topic was suitable to warrant an article. The university student’s articles were considered to be under-documented, and this made most of the work to be rejected. If some of these policies from the web page are revised, information about indigenous people in the community will be improved significantly.

Writing for Wikipedia is not a walk in the park. A writer does not write as if they are representing their blog. The site has special requirements on the content and information posted. For some individuals, this might be easy, but for others, it might be a very challenging affair. First of all, an individual has to register in Wikipedia so that they can write content. If your account is not registered, then the content will automatically be rejected. It is also crucial do so some practice before writing for Wikipedia to minimize the chances of getting rejections.

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Make a Wikipedia Page

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