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Getting to Know Adam Milstein, Successful Entrepreneur and Philanthropist with Jewish-Americans

Adam is an entrepreneur from Israel who is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He is extremely talented both in business and in creating initiative ways to benefit Israeli-Americans, and recently Ideamensch interviewed him as an admirable businessman excelling in his everyday life.

Interview Review

Adam Milstein is known to be intuitive who lives in the moment, and as he is partner with David Hager who prefers the psychological view on life, this is very useful. The agency was started when Adam was attending University of Southern California for his MBA.

Adam Milstein was grew up in Haifa, Israel; he attended Technion and received a business degree the year after he was released from his duty in the Israeli Army.

His life revolves around his family, but he discovered early in his career that when he focuses on helping other people, his life is much more satisfying. What is not included in the interview is that Milstein is also a philanthropist for Jewish-Americans, and in 2000, he founded the Milstein Family Foundation. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

This foundation is an umbrella corporation for nine agencies that he has established that help the Jewish population.

Adam Milstein is a directed and diligent real estate executive and he admits that it takes time for someone to succeed in real estate, but his father taught him the brokerage very well. He claims to be consistent and persistent as well, but he prefers the ups and down in the market, which make the field exciting to him.

According to Huffington Post, knowing this about Adam Milstein, it’s not difficult to understand that setting goals is not one of his favorite concepts. In fact, he admits he rarely sets goals because he finds them too limiting.

Rather, with his life experience and education, Milstein advises others to interpret the issues surrounding your business for yourself instead of relying on other people to present the answer. He suggests being a part of the solution and moving forward.