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How the NFL Draft Can Impact Your Fantasy Team

The 2016 NFL draft is about to excite many fans, giving home to many teams who ranked at the bottom of the 2016 standings.


Both rookies and existing players are impacted by the NFL draft. Rookies are of course new players who are joining the league with varying expectations. For an observant fan, it can be a way to pick up a top player and contributor cheaply for your fantasy team. This is of double importance for a keeper league.


Existing players are also impacted. If you are eyeing a wide receiver who’s team suddenly picks up a stud qb in the draft their fortunes can quickly change. If, alternatively, you have a rookie running back drafted the existing running back can see a cut in their carries and significant drop in their fantasy production. Understanding the rookies and their impact on existing players is something that is important to pay attention to, but incredibly challenging to understand and predict.


That’s where a site like Fantasy Alarm can come in. Fantasy Alarm provides relevant articles on players who are drafted in the NFL impact. As well as the teams that they join so that you can make knowledgeable decisions in your fantasy league this year. While there are many unknowns, Fantasy Alarm can help you to clarify much of the confusion and help you field a strong fantasy team.