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How Success Academy’s New Education Institute Portal Seeks to Foster Curriculum and Professional Development

Success Academy is an internationally known group of schools. The NYC-based reputable learning institution was unveiled by Eva Moskowitz. According to Moskowitz, Success Academy was established based on two goals. The first goal entails opening high-performance schools. Consequently, the second goal involves improving the American education in a broad perspective.


Success Academy Education Institute


Besides striving for the access to quality education, Success Academy is also on the verge of sharing knowledge on curriculum and professional development. The learning institution recently launched Education Institute, which is a curriculum and professional development web-hosted platform.


Success Academy launched the platform in a move to expand the institution’s portfolio beyond New York. Moskowitz and other members of the network’s leadership team have always worked on enabling teachers to excel in their careers. The team made the announcement about Education Institute from the network’s headquarters in Lower Manhattan, NY.


Education Institute offers unlimited access to the curriculum and professional development approaches adopted across Success Academy’s 41 learning centers. Moskowitz said that the portal targets kids from different schools nationwide who do not access quality reading and writing skills. Moskowitz is known for her former councilwoman role for Democratic New York City.


How Educators Benefit from the Online Portal


The new online portal serves as Success Academy’s vehicle for sharing vital information to educators across the US and abroad. The portal also introduces teachers from other schools to Success Academy’s mantra. It offers them the network’s literacy curriculum that can be adopted from kindergarten to fourth grade. The charter network seeks to open a new educator training facility to be situated at Hudson Yards in Manhattan. The facility will also comprise of lab schools for kindergarten to eighth-grade students.


Success Academy sent emails to more than 15,000 teachers across the country to promote Education Institute. Teachers who sign up for the platform get to attend in-person training sessions, workshops, and conferences at the Hudson Yards training facility. Liesel Anthony is the current managing director of Education Institute. According to Anthony, participants will also get an opportunity to observe how Success Academy’s teaching strategies manifest in classrooms.