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Norman Pattiz Announces Crucial Results on the Importance of Podcast Advertising to Business

As a broadcasting mogul with humble beginnings, Norman Pattiz graced multiple news headlines following the release of results on the side effects of podcast advertising to marketing. Assisted by Tom Webster, the assistant head cheerleader of the agency that conducted the research, Edison Research, Pattiz stated his belief in podcast advertising. The campaign research was based on five of the most needed and consumed brands in the market.

The first-ever research study on pre as post- campaign for brand lift podcast advertising was facilitated in 2016. It indicated the significance of advertising through podcast not only on brands but also on the intention of a consumer’s purchasing power. The study also suggested the effects of specific messaging on brand advertising.

The results of the campaign research indicated the following points that must be noted:

Approximately over 60% of the listeners were inclined towards the benefits of a brand from a grocery store. The number of consumers rose from 7%.

  • A product in the financial services market marked increased consumer preference by 47%.
  • An automobile product garnered 37% increase in consumer preference after the campaign
  • A lawn, as well as a garden product, garnered 24% in consumer preference
  • Before the campaign research, 18% of the audience had a preference for a particular automobile market. The number rose by one-third of the audience. These consumers had a favorable opinion of the product.
  • The post study indicated a favorable preference for a lawn gardening product from 22% of the audience. This was an increase from the post study that had 16%.
  • The last section of the research study was conducted on a dining restaurant that garnered the highest number of consumers at 76%.

To be assured of the exact effects of podcast advertising on buyer’s intent to purchase,Edison Research facilitated the studies in three separate segments.

On behalf of Norman’s company PodcastOne, Edison Research used five national brands. While some of the brands had a stellar reputation, some brands needed to be worked on in terms of marketing.

The brands are lesser known to the consumers. It was noted that with extensive podcast advertising, these brands would thrive. Throughout the case study, Edison Research applied online surveys.

Norman’s Profile

About three years ago, Norman Pattiz launched the podcast platform for advertising, PodcastOne.com. The company grew into a leading site for podcast interaction. Individuals like Steve Austin and Adam Carolla are prominent users of this platform.

Norman continues to grow the podcast platform with the hope of enlightening consumers and entrepreneurs on its benefits.