How Gulf Coast Energy Is Improving The Oil And Gas Industry

Gulf Coast Western LLC is also known as Joint Ventures is responsible for managing oil and gas partnerships. They do this by combining resources, talent, and knowledge of the industry in order to acquire and develop domestic oil and gas rigs. They typically focus their resources on the gulf coast regions in the United States as that is where a large majority of our gas and oil is found.

This family-owned business was founded in 1970 in Dallas, Texas and has grown to have locations in other places in Texas, in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and in Colorado. They have gained two partnerships with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration as well as Orbit Energy Partners. These partnerships have allowed Gulf Coast Western to continue getting hundreds of prospective gas and oil rigs. These prospects cover almost 1,000 square miles across Acadia, Allen, Calcasieu, Cameron, and more. These partnerships specifically mention Warhorse Oil and Gas which Gulf Coast Western operates and has led to the development of many wells. This has led to even more wells being acquired and produced across Louisiana. With these partnerships and so many wells being acquired, there is expected to be upwards of 800 more oil barrels that are produced on a daily basis. They also plan to increase the potential of more wells being produced over the next year.

Through the partnerships that Gulf Coast Energy has, they have been able to gain more than 1,000 accredited collaborations across the entire nation which has allowed the company to conduct exploration and research in areas that are thought to be rich in gas and oil so that they may develop thousands of producing acres in the future.

Matthew Fleeger is the current president and CEO of Gulf Coast Energy and has a high level of knowledge in oil, gas, and waste management and is highly regarded for his strategic planning, team building, and contract negotiation tactics that have allowed for so much oil and gas production to happen in the United States recently.

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Jacob Gottlieb: Investing in the Healthcare Sector through Altium Capital

The healthcare investment industry has been incurring various forms of change over the years. Investors such as Jacob Gottlieb have been investing huge amounts of capital into the healthcare sector. Jacob Gottlieb is now focused on funding healthcare companies through Altium Capital. The provision of funds comes in handy since these companies are able to expound on their research. Gottlieb mainly focuses on healthcare companies that have been coming up with advanced forms of treatment.

The healthcare companies that have collaborated with Altium Capital are such as; Oragenics, ORMP (Oramed Pharmaceuticals), and AMRN (Amarin Corporation). Oramed is focusing on coming up with alternative forms of treatment for people who have diabetes. Altium Capital invested in Oramed by also acquiring a 5.61% stake in the corporation. Oramed was able to achieve a breakthrough in their research by formulating some capsules that could be ingested orally for patients suffering from diabetes. By partnering with renowned scientists from various parts of the world, Oramed was able to succeed in their research.

Altium Capital has also invested in the AMRN (Amarin Corporation). The healthcare company is mainly focused on developing drugs that are meant to improve people’s cardiovascular health. The company has been able to come up with drugs such as Vascepa; this drug received FDA approval in 2012. Oragenics is also a beneficiary of the services offered by Altium Capital. The company has been focusing on formulating antibiotics that will be used to treat infectious diseases. The corporation has mainly focused on replacement therapy which entails the replacement of harmful bacteria with bacteria that is beneficial to the human body.

Jacob Gottlieb is also striving to make a positive impact in New York City by engaging in philanthropy. By joining hands with various non-profit organizations, he has been able to positively impact the lives of many individuals in New York City.


Brief Background On The Projects Led By Boraie Development.

Boraie’s Developments.

Boraie development is a family ran real estate business that has specialized in the development of real estate projects, real estate marketing, and property management, located in New Jersey. The group came to be after its founder, Omar Boraie came to the United States back in the 70s to pursue his doctorate in chemistry. Prior to the move, he was a chemist in Egypt. Since its establishment in the 80s, the real estate firm has developed a very strong political network in New Jersey, which has played a major role in its sustenance. As a family business, the real estate development group is lead by Omar Boraie, the father and architect of the group and three of his adult children, who hold different leadership positions in the firm. The New Jersey real estate giant has given over three hundred thousand dollars as endorsements to different politicians and political committees both on the federal and state levels. According to historical records, creating political friends has proven, over and over again, to be on with the best ways to ensure continuity of a family dynasty or legacy in business, which is also proven by the local real estate developer.

Partnership with Shaquille O’Neal.

One of the many recognized projects, covering over one million square feet in commercial and residential properties by the development group, is the New Brunswick 169 units housing tower which includes high-end facilities and finishing which aims at ensuring comfort, class, and beauty for those planning to live in it. These facilities include a gym, a pool, a doorman and the price of 1400 dollars for renting a studio. Another one of these magnificent projects, a child of the partnership between Boraie Development and Newark’s retired pro basketballer, Shaquille O’Neal, is the cityplex12, which was an upgrade of a former movie theatre on Springfield Avenue. The theatre, which opened last year, features a 300 seated auditorium, finished up with leather seats. The projects were a much welcome relief for both the basketballer and the residents of Newark.


Boraie Development: Changing the Skyline of New Jerseys Major Cities

The major cities of New Jersey are currently experiencing an economic rebirth after the Boraie Development decided to extend their investment in state’s largest settlements. One of the most well-known projects today is the establishment of business districts within the downtown area, which will invite a huge number of wealthy people to move into the state. Boraie Development has been planning for years to revitalize the economy of Newark, New Brunswick, and Atlantic City, and they are now trying to bring in businesses back into these cities through the establishment of different residential units and complexes. In Atlantic City, for example, a huge portion of the population moved out after Las Vegas became the gambling capital of the United States, leaving many casinos in the city without less patrons. However, the Boraie Development started to consider building new residential complexes within the city center to encourage people who are living in suburban areas to move in. They are also offered with several incentives upon choosing to live in the city center. The affordable housing costs for projects involving Boraie Development also caught the interest of people who are in the middle class and the working class. Boraie Development has done a great job in revitalizing the interest of the people to move into the city center.

The same phenomenon is happening in Newark and New Brunswick. Newark has its economic sector stalled 50 years ago, as people started moving to New York City and other large metropolitan areas in the East Coast. However, Boraie Development saw that the city has the potential to regain their economic status, and they partnered with popular NBA player Shaquille O’Neal to build a residential tower in the middle of the city. Boraie Development marketed the structure heavily, gaining a lot of buyers. This influenced the company into building more residential complexes around Newark, and the popular basketball player thanked the management for choosing the city where he grew up to benefit from their project of revitalizing the economy of the state.

Lastly would be the developments in New Brunswick, and Boraie Development initiated the construction of The Aspire, which became one of the best residential complexes in the city because of the luxurious living experience that it provides. Each unit within the Aspire is decorated with only the best materials, and the residential complex is being secured 24/7, with a lot of amenities available to its residents.

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The Remarkable Career Journey of Canadian Businessman; Luis Chenevert

Luis Chenevert was born in the year 1958 in the State of Canada. He attended the HEC Montreal University where he got his degree in Business Administration in the year 1979. He later received his doctorate from the Concordia University in the year 2014 after a successful career run.

Luis Chenevert’s career journey

Luis Chenevert worked for almost a decade and a half in the General Motors Corporation in different positions. After years of service in the company, he has finally promoted to the position of general manager for the production unit a role which he served until he left the company in the year 1993. Upon completing his tenure in General Motors Corporation, Luis Chenevert joined the Whitney and Pratt Firm in Canada. Here he became the Vice President of the operations division. He worked in the firm for six years before he was named the president of the firm. After more than a decade in the firm, Luis Chenevert left the company and joined United Technologies where he worked on various positions. When he joined the company, his initial role was that of the chief operating officer. A few years later, he became the president of the firm then the director of the firm. Eventually, he was named the Chief Executive Officer of the company in the year 2008 and two years later, the board of governors of the company elected him to become the chairperson of the board. He resigned from his roles in the company at the end of the year 2014.

Other affiliations

Luis Chenevert is on the board of Cargill Corporation which he joined in mid-2011. He was the vice president of the executive council of the Business Council for two years in a raw since 2011 during which he was honored by the United Service Organization with the Distinguished Service award. Luis is also the co-chairman of CM and the executive advisor of the Merchant Banking Sector since the year 2015. He also took part in the founding of the United States Friends Foundation and the Yale Cancer Center Foundation to which he is on the board of advisors.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: Turning Jail Time into Charity

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are journalists who were arrested on October 18th, 2007 by deputies of the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office. Acting on orders from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the deputies seized the men from their homes in the evening and took them to separate prisons where they were held for 24 days on charges of obstructing a Grand Jury investigation.

The two journalists has indeed reported on an Arpaio-ordered secret Grand Jury, but the two didn’t find out what the Grand Jury’s purpose was. It turns out that the purpose was to investigate Larkin and Lacey to find anything to throw them in jail over. Arpaio was upset at the two for reporting on his misdeed as a sheriff and wanted them out of the way.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey co-own Village Voice, a media company. Village voice in turn owns, among others, the Arizona newspaper Phoenix New Times. They had published several stories on Arpaio in the paper, including the one about the secret Grand Jury. They alleged- with proof- that Arpaio was running his sheriffs department illegally. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

He was detaining U.S. citizens over their immigration status, racially profiling any who looked Latino and had a horrendous record of prisoner treatment. Arpaio denied these allegations while secretly seeking to imprison Larkin and Lacey to silence them.

The two journalists were in jail for 24 days before a judge ordered their release and the charges dropped. Arpaio’s Grand Jury was disbanded as it was formed under false pretenses and the two were sent home. They sued the county and won $3.7 million.

The $3.7 million settlement went into forming the Frontera Fund, a group dedicated to protecting the civil rights of Latinos and others. Larkin and Lacey didn’t want to keep the money, but rather put it back into the community that Arpaio had done so much damage to.

Eventually Arpaio was found guilty of charges against him. He was then pardoned by President Donald Trump. Arpaio lost his bid for a seventh term in Maricopa County, losing the elected seat he had held constantly since 1992.

The people of Maricopa had seen enough and weren’t too happe about the county settlement. Since this loss Arpaio has announced his bid to run for the U.S. Senate from Arizona as a Republican. Trump has endorsed him for the seat, as Arpaio did for Trump early in his presidential bid.

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Bob Reina: He’s Going To Stand By His Beliefs

Bob Reina is a person with strong beliefs and that is a good thing. In the world today, we could use more people with strong beliefs and strong convictions. One of those beliefs is that no one should be unhappy. A lot of people feel like they are stuck in life and there is truly no way out for them. They don’t need to feel that way anymore. They have choices and they have options thanks to Bob Reina and thanks to Talk Fusion, the video communications company. They have been making this happen since 2007, and they have only been growing since then over the past decade.


Bob Reina believes in the growth of an individual. So often in life, people are going through the motions and they don’t even realize it. They have been doing it for so long, it seems like second nature to them. They don’t know any other way and they don’t know how to change the pattern. The first step, of course, is waking up and realizing what the issue is and what went wrong. Maybe they were too focused on money and they forgot about their happiness along the way. Bob Reina is here to show people they can be happy and they can make money too. They have a say in their life after all.


Talk Fusion offers them video newsletters, video conferences, video chats, and video emails. All of this is set up for people to get themselves out there and let the world find out what they have to say. Every single person is unique and there are no two people that are alike. Bob Reina is fully aware of this, and he wants to make sure that people get to embrace what is most important to them. If they are big on reviewing films and love movies, they can get a ton of people watching them. They make money off this and it also allows them to do something they truly love and care about at the end of the day. That is winning in every sense of the word.


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