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Article Title: Jana Lightspeed Not Just A Pretty Face But An Investment Power Player

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One of the youngest and most brightest partners of a company called Lightspeed Venture Partners is Jana Messerschmidt who is also known as Jana Lightspeed. Jana Messerschmidt is a mother and a wife. She also has a degree in science and computer engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Janas company Lightspeed Venture Partners is a company that specializes in investing in early stage enterprise and technology companies. Jana Lightspeed is also a member of the consumer investing team for the company. Jana believes strongly in a few things such as time management and using a checklist. Jana thinks that these two things will help people to be productive in the workplace and help them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Jana herself specializes in investing in expansion, later, and early-stage companies. She also has an eye for investing in growth companies, startups, and intubation companies. Jana is also the founder of a company that focuses on empowering women in corporate america. The company is called Angels this company currently has 80 companies in its portfolio. These companies are mostly startups with women in the top management positions. Jana is an absolute genius when it comes to debt financing for companies to help them to thrive. Jana has a great background and investing she was the director of Business Development for Netflix and she was also the global Business Development and Platform for Twitter.

Jana Messerschmidt also has a knack for networking and building strategic partnerships. Jana has a history working for internationally known companies as well so just DivX and SmartDrive. Jana was the Senior Manager of Global Sales at DivX and the Director of Strategic Accounts for SmartDrive. This young lady has truly built an extremely successful career for herself with dedication and hard work. Jana is an einspiration for women across the globe.

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