Technology in Law Breakthrough: The Case of Jeremy L. Jeremy Goldstein

Law is a fundamental issue in every institution and country since it protects every individual and addresses the vices. To enhance a convenient way to reach the law expertise, New York Trusted Lawyers Referral and information service (LRIS), founded in 1876, launched a confidential online platform, to help individual seek law guidance from high credentials lawyers and attorneys. Despite the phone calls that was and is still used today, this is an added coverage to their legal issues.


The portal, developed in conjunction with the legal .io, has enhanced consumer and clients access to law firms at low cost and their convenience. One of the recognized law firms in LRIS is Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, which is dedicated to advising compensation and governance matters. In doing so, it caters to CEOs, management teams and corporations has also adapted technology to conduct their legal operations.


The access procedure to the portal includes; going to the website and filling a questionnaire on the location and confidential legal issue, which is reviewed and matched with the attorney within the nearby location. A $35 fee is charged when an individual talks with an attorney. On the other hand, there is an exception regarding workers compensation, personal injury, medical vices and social security which is free. The additional payments are determined by the client and lawyers in the case of more consultation.


Founded by Jeremy L. Goldstein, the New York-based law firm has been ranked one of the best law firms in U.S in New York Super Lawyers evaluation process. A graduate of the New York University School of Law, Jeremy worked in various companies before launching this firm that includes Watchell, Lipton, Rosen and Kaltz and Shearman and Sterling LLP. He has always been invited to many conferences where he frequently speaks and guides on corporate governance and executive compensation issues.


Reputable bodies have recognized Jeremy as one of the best lawyers regarding executive compensations. Philanthropically, Mr. Jeremy is a member of Make-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. The composition of the Board of Directors of Fountain House includes Jeremy. This charity aims to be in the forefront in the rehabilitation of mentally ill men and women.


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