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Igor Cornelsen Is Teaching Investors To Think More Intelligently

To have a robust investment whether in foreign exchange or commodities, you will need an investment company that can offer you that opportunity through advice. To help people with their endeavor in investment, Igor Cornelsen established Bainbridge, Inc that exercises his first moves in stock investment. The individual gained experience in managing stock exchange funds as an investment banker since 1971 helping him generate great business ideas. Cornelsen updates his funds’ portfolio through editing international news, following economic developments of other firms, and searching for opinions from colleagues. The primary focus of Cornelsen to introduce new trends in a country’s economy and develop its financial status.

In matters concerning the source of information, Igor Cornelsen prefers reading material rather than thinking about the opinions of other marketers. In an investment, Cornelsen says that the manager determines the progress of a company and encourages them to act on facts and do not believe in views from other people since the growth of the company lays on their hands as decision makers. The leaders of businesses should evaluate the financial performance of a firm as presented by the market and consider the world as a whole and do not limit themselves to small portions. Managers should learn to make quick moves in disposing of assets to ensure business growth.

After studying engineering for two years in the Federal University of Parana, Igor Cornelsen changed his career and studied economics in the same school graduating in 1970. In those days, engineers could calculate the compounded interest rates manually since there were no computers and calculators. Cornelsen was talented in doing the task, which offered him a chance to work at an investment bank. Later in 1974, Cornelsen became a member of the board of directors of Multibanco in Brazil and got a promotion to be the CEO in 1976. The individual moved to Unibanco after Multibanco changed its ownership to the Bank of America. Also, Cornelsen worked for the Standard Chartered Bank as a delegate representative in Brazil.


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