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Ara Chackerian Views on Utilizing Technology in the Medical World

Healthcare and technology are two different niches, but Ara Chackerian is bringing the two worlds together through his work. Chackerian believes that success in the world of health depends on how medics and professionals in the medical world appreciate technology. In addition to having a huge interest in these two different niches, Ara Chackerian is also interested in other markets. For example, he is part of the team that is advocating for better agricultural practices. Chackerian understands the value of sustainable agriculture and its effects on the global climate. As an expert in these fields, he is part of different organizations as a board member and part of the advisory teams.

As an active investor in health, Ara Chackerian values research. Last year, he was part of the team that was instrumental in installing diagnostic radiology centers. Although he believes that the government should play a huge part in making the health sector sustainable, he still considers that the private sector has a part to play too. Chackerian, however, understands that investing in the health sector is expensive for an individual. He is, therefore, working with different investment partners to ensure that more people have access to better diagnosis facilities in northern California. This partnership reaffirms his belief in teamwork and more importantly — creating connections.

Ara Chackerian is also vocal on contemporary, but important topics such as mental health. He is one of the people that believe that mental health — especially in the world of start-ups — is an important topic. Chackerian appreciates the fact that people are more willing to discuss mental health, primarily through social media. This broadness — to discuss mental health — is assisting people in looking for help and more importantly speak out. In addition to creating awareness on mental health, Ara Chackerian points out that the mental health discussion has also helped companies to redesign their frameworks and give people better working conditions.


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