Jacob Gottlieb: Investing in the Healthcare Sector through Altium Capital

The healthcare investment industry has been incurring various forms of change over the years. Investors such as Jacob Gottlieb have been investing huge amounts of capital into the healthcare sector. Jacob Gottlieb is now focused on funding healthcare companies through Altium Capital. The provision of funds comes in handy since these companies are able to expound on their research. Gottlieb mainly focuses on healthcare companies that have been coming up with advanced forms of treatment.

The healthcare companies that have collaborated with Altium Capital are such as; Oragenics, ORMP (Oramed Pharmaceuticals), and AMRN (Amarin Corporation). Oramed is focusing on coming up with alternative forms of treatment for people who have diabetes. Altium Capital invested in Oramed by also acquiring a 5.61% stake in the corporation. Oramed was able to achieve a breakthrough in their research by formulating some capsules that could be ingested orally for patients suffering from diabetes. By partnering with renowned scientists from various parts of the world, Oramed was able to succeed in their research.

Altium Capital has also invested in the AMRN (Amarin Corporation). The healthcare company is mainly focused on developing drugs that are meant to improve people’s cardiovascular health. The company has been able to come up with drugs such as Vascepa; this drug received FDA approval in 2012. Oragenics is also a beneficiary of the services offered by Altium Capital. The company has been focusing on formulating antibiotics that will be used to treat infectious diseases. The corporation has mainly focused on replacement therapy which entails the replacement of harmful bacteria with bacteria that is beneficial to the human body.

Jacob Gottlieb is also striving to make a positive impact in New York City by engaging in philanthropy. By joining hands with various non-profit organizations, he has been able to positively impact the lives of many individuals in New York City.


Energy Abound: Heather Parry’s Explosion into the Film Scene

Heather Parry’s quiet entrance in 2015 into the live-entertainment scene as president of Live Nation Productions quickly took off. Parry’s passion and hard work, along with her inability to give up on a project that she believes has great potential has led her to produce films and television series with big-name musicians such as Sean Combs, Lady Gaga, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, and others. Parry is known for her ambitious work ethic and desire to tell the true story of musicians. Many of Parry’s films and documentaries focus on the lives and struggles of well-known musicians, some of whom have record labels with Live Nations and others who do not. Parry finds a story with a powerful message and pours her heart into working with the artists and creating their vision on the screen.

A perfect example of how Parry goes all-in on a project she feels passionate for is her involvement in “A Star Is Born”. After learning Bradley Cooper was directing the film, Parry knew she had to be involved and began working to promote the film. Parry used the numerous music festivals to promote “A Star Is Born”, showing the trailer for the film between shows and hanging posters. Additionally, she did research with Ticketmaster to determine listening trends of fans of Lady Gaga to broaden their targeted marketing audience.

When Parry gets wind of a project that she sees potential, she dives in letting nothing get in her way. Parry pours her heart and soul into each project, determined to bring the essence of the story to life on screen. Parry’s ability to work with high profile musicians to create film and documentaries depicting powerful aspects of their lives makes her a trailblazer in the entertainment world.

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