A Brief Look into the Life of Malcolm CasSelle and WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is a digital entrepreneur, tech guru and CEO. He is a man who has a vast amount of experience running and operating various tech outfits. This is a brief bio about Malcolm CasSalle’s life and his career. Keep reading to discover who this man is and what he does that is making a difference in the world today.

Malcolm CasSelle has been drawn to the world of technology since his early days a youth in Allentown, Pennsylvania. As he grew older, he became more involved in the world of technology. Eventually, his love for tech eventually landed him at MIT. He attended MIT in Japan received a Master’s in computer science.

Once CasSelle received his degree he was ready to expand into the world of technology and business. Some of his first job experiences was with Schroders Securities and NTT Software Labs in Tokyo and he also was employed at Apple computer, Ine. When he worked for these two highly rated organizations, operated in the roles of a market researcher and programmer. Caselle was also a digital publisher at Blast Publishing and Morph’$ Outpost on the Digital Frontier.

One of his most prominent positions was as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at NetNoir Inc. He operated this business with another highly accomplished businessman and tech guy named E. David Ellington. NetNoir Inc. was the first Afrocentric culture website on the internet. He remained in this position for moving on into other important roles.

By 2017 he became the President WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange. This organization specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. WAX is a growing company that is making more of an impact in the world of cryptocurrency. Malcolm CasSelle helped the company during his time there. As of 2018 he is working in the position of the CIO of OPskins.

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