Who has not received a donation?

Honestly, who has not received a donation – at one point in time or another – from the more than generous philanthropic hands of Dick and Betsy DeVos? Who does not know their names, in fact? Well, Dick DeVos is a top public figure. He’s also a proud Republican and U.S. citizen. His wife Betsy is right there with him in the fight for true freedom from religious oppression, a society of firm beliefs and values, a solid education in America and more; in fact, how can she not stand for such important themes when she is none other than the U.S. President’s Secretary of Education? Yes, Dick notes that he is more than blessed to have her at his side and would not be quite the same without her help and support in all areas.


Dick may also be contacted on Facebook and Messenger; he has more than 18,000 likes and following already. He lives in Grand Rapids, Mich. You may learn more about him by visiting


Dick and his wife have recently lifted the full veil on their philanthropy, it seems, when Dick discussed numerous aspects of their past and present giving efforts as well as their current strategies and plans for the future. Dick primarily noted that his giving is for a reason – to help people and not to push them in any sort of direction in regards to politics or other viewpoints. He merely points that the purpose of all people in life is to find their purpose, and his is certainly to give back to those in need, just as he and his faithful wife have done for several decades and only hope to further improve upon. MLive recently interviewed Dick on all these points and was more than happy to have had the opportunity; Dick notes that he was no less blessed from the unique encounter as it offered him another speaking opportunity to show the world what he believes in and what really matters in this life – doing good.


Dick also mentioned several relevant statistics and strategies that have worked wonders for his team in the last few years – knowledge and experience that he has gleamed, in beautiful combination, throughout his many giving endeavors. Did you know that he and his wife have topped records in charitable giving? They have generously given such amounts that even other millionaires or billionaires themselves would re-consider or hold their hand back from giving; this speaks to their true heart to serve as leaders – they genuinely care for the needs of others. As we know, not all other popular leaders of wealth ever say the same, and that’s what makes Dick unique.


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Whitney Wolfe: Redefining The Rules Of Dating With Bumble

Bumble, a startup launched by Whitney Wolfe, has revolutionized online dating. She was inspired to start Bumble to help women find long-term relationships. Additionally, she wanted women to be in a position of control and minimize the cases of harassment associated with online dating.

How Bumble operates

Bumble app is designed to meet the needs of both men and women. Chat with a fellow user begins when one taps the photo on the profile of a person they like. The amazing thing about Bumble App is that it gives women an opportunity to make the first move. This company has observed exponential growth since it was formed. In 2016, it had about 25 billion profiles with more than 7 million users. Aside from building love relationships, Bumble creates a platform for its users to develop professional and platonic relationships.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a female entrepreneur and the founder of Bumble. Whitney also serves as the CEO of the online dating giant. Whitney is a native of Austin, Texas and the alumnus of the Southern Methodist University (SMU). She initiated her career at the age of 19 years. Since then, she has become one of the top woman entrepreneurs in the United States. Whitney is also a respected philanthropist who has worked in collaboration with public figures, such as Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe. Whitney has led programs, such as the Help Us Project. She has also worked with orphanages in Southeast Asia.

She joined the tech business at the age of 22 and worked for companies like Hatch Labs. During her tenure in this company, she oversaw the setting up of a dating app called Tinder in 2012. Tinder was established under IAC startup incubator, and Whitney became its head of marketing. Having worked for Tinder up to 2014, she left the company and teamed up with Andrey Andreev to form Badoo. The same year, Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble, a dating app that has become famous among the millennial. Whitney efforts have been recognized on various occasions, and she has received recognition from the Business Insider and Elle.

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The Success of Q1 Group under Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian entrepreneur born in October 1960. He is the chief executive and co-founder of the Q1 group. Eswaran is a vast entrepreneur who has shown great experience in writing and giving motivational speeches in International Conferences. His educational background impacted on his career success as he shows a lot of expertise in his work.

Eswaran studied in the London school of Economics where he graduated with a degree in Socioeconomics in 1984.He joined Southern Illinois University for his MBA and later received a CIMA from the UK.

Vijay began working while in studies giving him exposure to multi-level marketing which he later explored in his company. Vijay believes firmly in working for himself, and this prompted him to start Q1 group.

Eswaran co-founded Q1 with a team of his friends in 1998 with the primary focus being doing retail, direct sales, training, education, lifestyle, logistics, and telecommunication. According to Eswaran, running the Company was not easy in the beginning, and they decided to work on two platforms including the e-commerce platform and direct selling. In testing this, they joined the commemorative coin business. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

Although they seemed late in the venture, the firm did excellent in the sales taking the third position among the 43 companies involved. Eswaran believes the prosperity of an enterprise depends on the team involved and he chose to work with a team with fundamental traits like hardworking, daring, sincere and determined parties.

The Q1 has been able to expand its marketing network to 20 countries and also diversifying into telecommunication. The success of the Q1 has seen it win awards like the lifetime achievement award in global entrepreneur summit received in 2016. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

The Q1 group in the leadership of  Vijay Eswaran has a hand in the charitable works. The team participates in humanitarian ventures through an establishment of a philanthropic arm in the firm which aims in helping the disadvantaged in the society.

The company has founded Vijayaratnam Foundation named after his father. The foundation works with charitable and non-profit organizations in giving donations, support, mentorship and guidance to the community.


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Shedding light on Foresite C.E.O Jim Tananbaum

Mindstrong Health is a promising startup whose objective is to use smartphones to aid in detecting and also treating of ailments related to the brain or the human mind. The Chief Executive Officer of Mindstrong health says that the sort of objective measures put up for other chronic diseases such as diabetes needs to be put up also to advance the results from people with cognitive illnesses. Mindstrong developed a platform where they can measure brain functionality just by studying patients’ scrolling patterns and typing on smartphones. They intend to use factors like function, memory, and processing speed to acquire patient mood and cognition status.

Foresite Capital CEO and managing director, Jim Tananbaum, stated that the founding group for Mindstrong Health display clear and unparalleled comprehension of the serious complications. They encompass the way that the medical community handles patients with medical disorders. Jim says that by integrating leadership, experience, and technical vision, people concerned with improving patient results are granted an innovative forum that will transform the way in which care is given to patients with mental disorders. You can search him on Google

In the words, of Dr. Tom Insel, the co-founder of Mindstrong Health, not only is this invention a powerful one, but it also forms the foundation for the development of better inventions in transforming of health care for people with a mental health condition. Being that mental disorders are a worldwide health issue, the use of smartphones in health care should potentially contribute to a global solution.

This technological invention has secured a $14 million funding from Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, Optum Venture, and One Mind Health Impact Fund.

Jim Tananbaum Bio

Jim Tananbaum graduated from Harvard Medical School with an Doctor of Medicine, an Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School, with a Bachelor of Science (B.S), and Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Yale University. He has served on the advisory board of Harvard-MIT HST program and Yale school of engineering.

His impact has been felt by the 21 successes achieved in the investments he led. Tananbaum has over 25 years of industrial experience. He had, previously in his career, been part of Prospect Venture Partners II and III. Jazz pharmaceutical, Amira Pharmaceuticals, Healtheon, and Amerigroup are some of his major investments.

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How Success Academy’s New Education Institute Portal Seeks to Foster Curriculum and Professional Development

Success Academy is an internationally known group of schools. The NYC-based reputable learning institution was unveiled by Eva Moskowitz. According to Moskowitz, Success Academy was established based on two goals. The first goal entails opening high-performance schools. Consequently, the second goal involves improving the American education in a broad perspective.


Success Academy Education Institute


Besides striving for the access to quality education, Success Academy is also on the verge of sharing knowledge on curriculum and professional development. The learning institution recently launched Education Institute, which is a curriculum and professional development web-hosted platform.


Success Academy launched the platform in a move to expand the institution’s portfolio beyond New York. Moskowitz and other members of the network’s leadership team have always worked on enabling teachers to excel in their careers. The team made the announcement about Education Institute from the network’s headquarters in Lower Manhattan, NY.


Education Institute offers unlimited access to the curriculum and professional development approaches adopted across Success Academy’s 41 learning centers. Moskowitz said that the portal targets kids from different schools nationwide who do not access quality reading and writing skills. Moskowitz is known for her former councilwoman role for Democratic New York City.


How Educators Benefit from the Online Portal


The new online portal serves as Success Academy’s vehicle for sharing vital information to educators across the US and abroad. The portal also introduces teachers from other schools to Success Academy’s mantra. It offers them the network’s literacy curriculum that can be adopted from kindergarten to fourth grade. The charter network seeks to open a new educator training facility to be situated at Hudson Yards in Manhattan. The facility will also comprise of lab schools for kindergarten to eighth-grade students.


Success Academy sent emails to more than 15,000 teachers across the country to promote Education Institute. Teachers who sign up for the platform get to attend in-person training sessions, workshops, and conferences at the Hudson Yards training facility. Liesel Anthony is the current managing director of Education Institute. According to Anthony, participants will also get an opportunity to observe how Success Academy’s teaching strategies manifest in classrooms.

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Norman Prattiz Shows Influence of Advertising

When watching television or listening to the radio, you are bound to hear or see advertisements for different places and products. Some of these advertisements may sway a decision of yours and influence you to buy a product or service. How does advertising during a podcast stand up to these other methods?

Norman Pattiz conducted a study to see how effective podcast advertisements were. This study included five different major national brands that people would recognize. During the last half of 2016 he started the study with a pre-campaign getting information from the participants such as a grocery brand or lawn and garden product they would purchase.

Following the study, Pattiz was able to conclude the effectiveness or podcast advertising as very influential. Percentages of the surveyed listeners went up when asked about considering or purchasing certain brands or products after hearing the same advertisement for 4-6 weeks.

Pattiz was very happy to have had the opportunity to partner with the five brands and the podcast company to conduct this research. His conclusion was that podcast advertising was a highly effective way to get a product or brand recognition.

Norman Pattiz isn’t a stranger to advertising or media, in fact, he created PodcastOne. He also founded Westwood One and Courtside Entertainment Group which are two large programming and entertainment providers.

Along with those impressive accomplishments, Norman Pattiz has also had the honor of being appointed to oversee broadcasting and media on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America by President Clinton and President Bush.

Being such an influence in media, Norman was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. On top of that he was also inducted into National Radio Hall of Fame.

Today Norman Pattiz continues to influence and research ways to improve the media and entertainment world. Without his success, television and other forms of entertainment would be different.

Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

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The Development of Damac Properties

Mr. Sajwani is the Chairman and founder of Damac Properties which is a global property development firm. Hussain Sajwani is a graduate from the University of Washington. After graduating, he first worked as a Contracts Manager at GASCO. GASCO is one of the subsidiaries of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. After gaining the experience he wanted and getting enough starting capital, Sajwani felt that he had sufficient knowledge and skills to start his own company. He started a catering company in 1982. His company grew exponentially which he still operates it up to now.


Sajwani has played a significant role in transforming Dubai and making it a great place to invest in and buy property. He is among the pioneers of property market expansion in the city. In the 1990s, Hussain Sajwani built numerous hotels to accommodate hundreds of people visiting Dubai for business and trade. In 2002, Sajwani saw a viable opportunity in starting a real estate company. Hussain established Damac properties which has since then grown to become the leading property development firm in Middle East.


Hussain Sajwani’s expertise and know-how in administration, marketing, finance, legal, and sales in property development are key drivers of Damac Group’s success. Damac owner has managed to carry out property development projects in London, Jeddah, Doha, Dubai, Riyagh, Beirut, Amman among others. Hussain Sajwani still does the best he can by forming partnerships with other notable investors such as Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani family and that of Donald have a good business relationship and friendship. Through a collaborative project between Damac Group and Donald Trump’s real estate company, an international golf club in Dubai was constructed and branded Donald Trump.


Damac Company has provided job opportunities for approximately 2000 employees. Damac Properties trades its share in Dubai Financial market. Damac Group has one of the best company profiles in Dubai. The Company is popular for luxury property development market. Damac Company has so far delivered more than 16, 800 homes with approximately 44,000 units at different stages of planning and progress.


To learn more, visit