Mr. Cassio Audi

Mr. Cassio Audi is a very likely and motivated financial management executive. He has got m ore than twenty-three years of experience in Finance in the private, public and the startups. He has got a track record of making the business operations smooth and enhance productivity.

Mr. Cassio Audi has got great qualifications in making use of the financial control and processes. He has got strong leadership skills and also communication skills. He believes in creating an association with all the staff.
Some of the relevant qualifications of Mr. Cassio Audi are fundraising, analysis, and modeling. He also has expertise in growth strategy development and also resources management.

Mr. Audi is very open minded and action oriented. He has a belief in making the things easier. He is solely liable for creating the commercial real estate subordinate company. He manages the assets and raises funds from the local and foreign investors.

The Brazilian investment management is a highly specialized asset management of several securities such as shared, bonds and also other assets like real estate to meet the specific investment objectives for the benefit of the investors.


Various investors may be the organization such as insurance firms, pension funds, corporations, etc. through different investment contracts. The Brazilian investment management services have got various aspects of assets selection and making use of the plans. Mr. Cassio Audi is a trustworthy and reputed investment manager. He is the individual who makes funds in the portfolios of various securities on behalf the valued clients. Mr. Cassio Audi works had for the customer. He became a prominent figure in the entire Brazilian investment manager market.

Mr. Cassio Audi has got immense experience in working with big multinational companies. Some of his skills are financial planning, business planning, and project management. He is also adept in leadership strategy and investor relations.

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Technology in Law Breakthrough: The Case of Jeremy L. Jeremy Goldstein

Law is a fundamental issue in every institution and country since it protects every individual and addresses the vices. To enhance a convenient way to reach the law expertise, New York Trusted Lawyers Referral and information service (LRIS), founded in 1876, launched a confidential online platform, to help individual seek law guidance from high credentials lawyers and attorneys. Despite the phone calls that was and is still used today, this is an added coverage to their legal issues.


The portal, developed in conjunction with the legal .io, has enhanced consumer and clients access to law firms at low cost and their convenience. One of the recognized law firms in LRIS is Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, which is dedicated to advising compensation and governance matters. In doing so, it caters to CEOs, management teams and corporations has also adapted technology to conduct their legal operations.


The access procedure to the portal includes; going to the website and filling a questionnaire on the location and confidential legal issue, which is reviewed and matched with the attorney within the nearby location. A $35 fee is charged when an individual talks with an attorney. On the other hand, there is an exception regarding workers compensation, personal injury, medical vices and social security which is free. The additional payments are determined by the client and lawyers in the case of more consultation.


Founded by Jeremy L. Goldstein, the New York-based law firm has been ranked one of the best law firms in U.S in New York Super Lawyers evaluation process. A graduate of the New York University School of Law, Jeremy worked in various companies before launching this firm that includes Watchell, Lipton, Rosen and Kaltz and Shearman and Sterling LLP. He has always been invited to many conferences where he frequently speaks and guides on corporate governance and executive compensation issues.


Reputable bodies have recognized Jeremy as one of the best lawyers regarding executive compensations. Philanthropically, Mr. Jeremy is a member of Make-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. The composition of the Board of Directors of Fountain House includes Jeremy. This charity aims to be in the forefront in the rehabilitation of mentally ill men and women.


Visit http://jlgassociates.com/ for more information.



Bruno Fagali: A Brazilian Attorney With a Vision

Bruno Fagali is a prominent Brazil-based legal representative. Bruno Fagali has more than two decades of professional experience in representing and defending most of the multi-million corporations in the country. For all this time, he has worked hard to become the legal solution to companies and individuals in need of facilitated business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.

For this reason, few people end up working to attain the legal optimum required to achieve the best indication in this industry. Bruno Fagali is now an independent lawyer who has more experience than any other legal representative in the country. For all those years of experience, Bruno Fagali has worked to assimilate better business solutions in a manner that is not matched in the legal platform.

Bruno Fagali is the Founder of the Fagali Advocacy Law Firm based in Sao Paulo. H developed the company when he finished college. Bruno Fagali graduated with the highest honors in Law from the University of Fundacao Penteado Foundation. During the time when he was graduating, eh attained the optimum solution to develop fast working solutions. During that time, no one k new all about the achievements needed to command a working environment where business is achieved in a corrupt manner. Bruno Fagali is also considered as one of the most experienced lawyers in the administrative and corruption law in the country.

When Bruno Fagali was still in college, he was determined to become the best lawyer in the country. For this reason, he worked hard to offer unparalleled representation in a way that is not achieved in this industry. For those who know more about parallel management capabilities, they have always associated their businesses with legal representation. For this reason, no one knows more about the legal platform than Bruno Fagali and his crew.

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Hair Product Reviews

Wen by Chaz: A Review Focused on Fine Hair

I stumbled across a recent article on Bustle.com summarizing one girl’s 7-day journey using Wen by Chaz products. I’ve seen the commercials, we all have, of a gorgeous model (or heck, I’d even settle for Chaz’s silky smooth locks) with tumbling effortless locks that shimmer like gold. I must admit I have almost ordered it myself about a half dozen times. However, I have extremely fine, thin hair and my hair is already so prone to grease something always held me back.

The Bustle.com article highlighted the writer’s real use of Wen by Chaz products over seven days and even included pictures and a summary of exactly what she did to style each day. She was very detailed, including things like at what time of day she showered. My favorite part was her summary of how long it took her curls to fall – for fine-haired women that is always a top concern. The link is below if you would like to read the article day-by-day, but the overall consensus was a good one. The writer summarized that Wen was a great product for women that take the time and effort to style their hair on a regular basis. While she had some initial questions about grease and curls falling, as a fine-haired woman, I know that ANY new product takes more than seven days for our hair to “adjust” to. What I couldn’t get over was how truly silky and smooth her hair looked, growing more so each day. This is likely a result from the science behind Wen products.

If you aren’t familiar with Wen by Chaz, it is a line of hair products known best for its cleansing conditioner, see Wen.com. Wen’s cleansing conditioner is a 5-in-1 product that nourishes hair deeply while it gently cleanses, replacing your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. The concept is genius, especially for people who want that luscious hairstyle, but are pressed for time. Let’s face it, that covers many of us. The product has sold more than 40 million bottles over the past 15+ years and has a loyal follower base. Wen products are available on Guthy-Renker and QVC stores nationwide.

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The article is available in its entirety here: https://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

Event Planners

Expert Party-Planning Tips For Your Next Bash

Today, hundreds of New York City residents turn to professional planners when it comes to hosting an event. In fact, there are even event planners in NYC who specialize in small dinner parties of just ten or so guests. Event planning companies in NYC like Twenty Three Layers are known for their versatility when it comes to turning anyone’s party fantasies into reality.


Twenty Three Layers is one of the most successful party and corporate event planners in NYC thanks to the wide array of services that they offer. Whether you need a professional DJ or top notch catering, this company has got you covered.


If you can’t find space in your budget for a professional, you can absolutely manage without one. These party-planning tips come from real professional event planners and will ensure a successful and stress-free planning experience.



  1. Everyone Loves Appetizers


If you’re hosting a good number of guests, stick to appetizers instead of serving a sit-down meal. Your guests will appreciate the fact that they can eat food with their fingers while standing around and mingling. If you’re preparing the food yourself, be sure to create menu items that can be easily prepared ahead of time so that you’re not spending the duration of the party in your kitchen.



  1. Send Real Invitations


While invitations sent through email are very convenient, real physical invitations feel more personal and special. Be sure to pick your stationary based on the tone of your party.



  1. Get Personal with Favors


Party favors aren’t a necessity. However, if you’re going to give your guests favors at the end of the night, make sure that they have a personal touch. Try making something from scratch or giving away something that is highly useful.



  1. Go Easy with Decor


While ornate flower arrangements are undeniably elegant, you can create a gorgeous space with simple and inexpensive decor. Look through blogs and Pinterest for easy DIY decor ideas that will transform your space without forcing you to break the bank.



  1. Relax


After you’ve taken care of the food, decor, cleaning and all of the other party elements, take a step back and relax so that you can greet your guests with a smile on your face.


Fantasy Sports

How the NFL Draft Can Impact Your Fantasy Team

The 2016 NFL draft is about to excite many fans, giving home to many teams who ranked at the bottom of the 2016 standings.


Both rookies and existing players are impacted by the NFL draft. Rookies are of course new players who are joining the league with varying expectations. For an observant fan, it can be a way to pick up a top player and contributor cheaply for your fantasy team. This is of double importance for a keeper league.


Existing players are also impacted. If you are eyeing a wide receiver who’s team suddenly picks up a stud qb in the draft their fortunes can quickly change. If, alternatively, you have a rookie running back drafted the existing running back can see a cut in their carries and significant drop in their fantasy production. Understanding the rookies and their impact on existing players is something that is important to pay attention to, but incredibly challenging to understand and predict.


That’s where a site like Fantasy Alarm can come in. Fantasy Alarm provides relevant articles on players who are drafted in the NFL impact. As well as the teams that they join so that you can make knowledgeable decisions in your fantasy league this year. While there are many unknowns, Fantasy Alarm can help you to clarify much of the confusion and help you field a strong fantasy team.



Youtube Bloggers

Moving Friends and Errands around Japan with Kim Dao!

In this vlog Kim Dao spends some time with a friend and fellow YouTuber Sophie (Peachmilky), as well as take care of a few errands around Japan and briefly talk about changing up her vlog editing style. Compared to her other videos, this vlog is much shorter but it’s still chock-full of good content and lovely Japanese scenery for her viewers to take in.


Kim Dao starts this vlog off by taking a train to Sophie’s in order to help her and her boyfriend move to another apartment; but not before spending some quality time together exchanging gifts, snacking, and watching anime in bed. Then it’s up, bright and early, for the move. However, the girls get a little sidetracked and decide to stop and get a delicious Japanese style breakfast.


After the move Kim Dao does a few errands while treating us to the lovely sights of Japan because it’s too beautiful to pass up. Who doesn’t love a good montage! After taking care of everything for the day Kim Dao comes home to share her grocery haul. Nothing too crazy here, the basic butter, cheese, and face wash.


At the end of her vlog Kim Dao discusses her shift in video editing style, saying this vlog was quite different than her previous videos, which is “literally cutting and pasting clips”. She wanted to change things up a little by adding city scenes and music and asks for viewer feedback. How do you think she did?


Visit http://kimdao.net/ to discover more about Kim Dao.



Education, Philanthropy

How Betsy DeVos Became Interested In School Choice

Betsy DeVos was an early leader in the educational reform movement. In the 1980’s she, along with her husband Dick, visited a private school which is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan that is called Potter’s House Christian School. While visiting they had conversations with the low-income parents of students who were making huge sacrifices in order to provide their children with an educational facility that was safe, effective, and filled with curious children who wanted to understand the world. Betsy and Dick kept going back to Potter’s House Christian School and eventually started paying the tuition costs of a large number of students who have attended the school ever since.

One of the problems in the United States that Betsy DeVos has pointed out is that educational outcomes are far too dependent on the zip code that children are living in. Rich communities have great schools while poor communities have dysfunctional schools with high dropout rates. She believes that providing parents and students with school choice, where they can attend charter schools instead of public schools, will lead to more children receiving the education that they deserve. She believes this can be accomplished in part by educational reforms such as tax credits, education savings accounts, vouchers, and other means. Check this related article from nypost.com.

In addition to providing donations to educational reform organizations, Betsy DeVos has also served on the board of these organizations. She has been a board member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, the Alliance for School Choice, and the American Federation for Children. She has lent her expertise and enthusiasm to these organization in order to further the expansion of school choice across the United States. So far, there are 33 private choice programs in 25 states in the U.S. plus in Washington D.C.

Betsy DeVos was appointed the U.S. Secretary of Education in early 2017, after President Trump started his term. Her interest in education was sparked early as her mother was a public school teacher. Once her own children started attending school, it dawned on Betsy that not every child in America gets a quality education like her children were receiving. She decided to become an advocate for these children as well as their parents who needed a voice in the quality of education their children were receiving. She believes that neither the parent’s income or the zip code of children should determine whether or not they receive the education they deserve.

Outside of her interest in education, Betsy has also been a business leader, serving as the Chairman of the Windquest Group which is an investment firm that specializes in industry and green technology. She has also served on a variety of boards for nonprofits in areas such as the arts and community building.

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Real Estate Investor Samuel Strauch Provides Real Estate Advice On Investments Skills

Over the past years, the real estate business has been booming in Miami with more investors choosing to put their money in expensive buildings. Curbed by curiosity on what the real estate industry holds for them, the people of Miami have been looking forward to risking their capital through investing in real estate.

More people have invested in real estate to secure their future. The question, therefore, begs for an explanation of how risky it is to invest in real estate. That is why Samuel Strauch, a prominent real estate agent, and mogul is cheered for his expertise in this field.

Advisory Services
Having acquired over twenty years experience in real estate business, Samuel Strauch has extensive expertise in the real estate business in Miami. He has shared the same knowledge with more than seventy clients hailing from Miami and other cities. His aim of educating clients is for them to settle for wise investment choices that will contribute to higher returns in future.

Window of Opportunity
Being that the window to enter the real estate business is minimal, Samuel Strauch commits to looking for investment opportunities for the people of Miami. He is determined to finding good ventures that would otherwise be impossible for other real estate agents to get. With a proven track record of pleasing his clients, Samuel Strauch has always found exactly what its customers have a vision for.

About Samuel Strauch
Strauch commenced his career in the banking industry after graduation. He then joined his family in South Florida to run the real estate business. In 2008, he established his company, and since then, he has been integrating the platform through providing complementary enterprises with equity sourcing, mergers, and acquisitions, management, firm brokerage as well as development services in real estate. His business is based in Miami and South Florida.

Business News, Doctors

The Copa Star Hospital Rises To Become The Best Hospital in Brazil

It’s quite easy to confuse the Copa Star with a five-star hotel owing to its appearance. The strategic positioning a popular intersection between Joseph Block corner and the Figueiredo de Magalhaes Avenue in the middle of the city makes the hopsital very convenient to access. Construction of the towering modern building complex housing up to 150 boarding patients and 9 states of the art operating rooms. This hospital strives to attract high-end clientele who would very much opt to take the route of the medical tourism path and head to the US and Europe for advanced surgical procedures. The facility has spared no cost whatsoever in hiring and retaining the services of the most experienced consultants and other hospital management supporting staff. The hub can be thought of as a miniature global space wherein you find the staff speaking not only the local, Portuguese dialects but folks conversing in English, Spanish and other leading national languages. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

Is Health Insurance Accepted?

Copa Star is a unique place where technology usage gets used to make the health experience efficient and quick. Patients paying top dollars get to sleep in spacious rooms with a round the clock nurse, orderlies and world-class standard doctors attending to your every need and wants. The premises now accept most, if not all, of the major health insurance schemes and policies for the locals and the foreigners.

Therapeutic Ambiance

The vision and mission of the leading Brazilian hospital revolve around the philosophy of developing a holistic health care and treatment plan for their patients. Overcrowding witnessed in many health facilities is responsible for causing patients to contract new diseases. The hospital environment needs to be sanitized properly and using the right gadgets and equipment. Step into the Hospital Copa Star and rest assured of having ample space between you and the next patient and most importantly, you won’t end up communicating an airborne condition while seeking treatment.

Copa Star Growth & Expansion Plans

The unprecedented success enjoyed by Hospital Copa Star has prompted talks about future expansion plans to other cities in the South American nation. Ideally, it was meant to serve as the number one choice for the valuable soccer star players in case they got ill and injured while partaking in the Brazil World Cup Tournament. You can’t expect a star like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi to be airlifted to a third-world hospital in the event that they ever needed to seek medical intervention quick. Thanks to Copa Star, Brazil would be spared of the shame of seeing world cup players flying in their jets half-way across the world for a simple surgical procedure. Read more at Apontador about the hospital.