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The Impressive Business Track Record of Kenneth Goodgame

Every industry is vying for more customers and higher levels of success. It really does take a special set of skills to lead a business toward success in these areas. Kenneth Goodgame has become recognized in various industries for his expertise and experience in retail marketing, sales and marketing. Over the years, Mr. Goodgame has served in various leadership roles with some of the top companies in the nation.

Most successful business leaders start off with a proper education. Mr. Goodgame earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. After graduation, Kenneth hit the ground running. He started off as a Product Merchant for The Home Depot. Goodgame filled this role from 1995 to 1999. He continued to work with The Home Depot in other roles, and ultimately became the Senior Global Product Merchant. Kenneth parted ways with The Home Depot in 2001 and began working with Newell Rubbermaid. He started with the company as President and General Manager of Rubbermaid Cleaning and continued on with the company, resulting in a role as the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Channel. Goodgame ended his time with Rubbermaid in 2007.

He now works for the True Value Hardware Corporation as the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. In this role he utilizes all of the skills and experience he has acquired over the years. Because Mr. Goodgame has been a marketing/sales leader for so long, he is able to successfully lead his team through changes in the marketplace. He has developed a reputation for being an expert on corporate alignment, and continues to implement proven-successful business strategies. Kenneth Goodgame continues to be an influential leader in the business world, and is a prime example of how the right approach to marketing, sales and operations makes all the difference in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Raj Fernando’s Profession and Business Ventures in the Finance Industry.

Raj Fernando is a successful business mogul and is also the proprietor and chief executive officer of the Scoutahead and Chopper Trading. He is a graduate of the University of London and the Beloit College, where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics and history. Mr. Fernando kicked off his career by offering free services to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The company acknowledged his services, and therefore, he was offered a job and was eventual promoted to hold higher offices. He was then hired by the Chicago Board of Trade and he served it as from 1991 to 2001. Mr. Fernando later decided to open his own business and in 2002, he started Chopper Trading and became its CEO. His administration was competent, and therefore, the company has currently expanded to offer jobs to about 250 employees. Chopper Trading does business in the ICAP-Broketek, LSE, CME, ICE, Nasdaq, and the Eurex Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed.

Raj’s leading career achievements include being part the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission’s team that was committed to coming up with equal, transparent, aggressive, and financially unwavering markets. He was also one of the featured members in the summit that was held by the commission on the dangerous trading undertakings in the sector. Mr. Fernando also contributed in the 2013 Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference that was attended by international guests.

The DRW Trading Group bought the Chopper Trading in 2015 and Raj started Scoutahead in 2016. He chairs the board of the company. Mr. Fernando is also an executive at various institutions, and they include the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, American Security Project, the International Security Advisory Board and the Brookings Institution.

Raj Fernando is recognized for his generosity whereby he has been actively participating in community development undertakings in Chicago. He is on the board of organizations such as PAW Chicago and Chicago Symphony Orchestra Trustees. Raj has been a benefactor of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago, Clinton Foundation, and the Wounded Warrior.

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Eric Pulier Uses His Expertise And Success to Help Others

Many entrepreneurs today expect quick results when they get into the industry, hoping for their company’s to explode right out of the gate and be an immediate success. This is not a good mindset to have, especially in an industry that is becoming ever more competitive. Proper techniques and innovations are needed to really excel and push a business forward ahead of the competition. For new entrepreneurs, this means stepping outside of comfort zones to work on different opportunities. Too often though, people give up without ever realizing their full potential because they call it quits too early. These people just need some guidance in the field.

Eric Pulier is a man who has has a tremendous amount of success as an entrepreneur and businessman, along with other activities such as writing and philanthropy. Over the years, he has gained a lot of valuable advice to offer people who are just getting started out and wanting to build up their own businesses. First and foremost for any aspiring entrepreneur, persistence is key and failure is unavoidable, which is why persisting is a must. Eric also stresses the aspect of innovation, as it is new and unique ideas that get other people interested in what a company is doing.

Eric has managed to build up a huge reputation for himself in the industry because of the success he has found in a number of different startup companies that he has created.  today, he is focused on using his success to help others gain it themselves and commit to philanthropic projects.

Eric is the current standing Chief Executive Officer and chairmen for ServiceMesh. Along with this position he holds many other chairmen spots on different boards.  He started the X-Prize organization to help fund many different initiatives for innovating new ideas. Eric wants to leave an impact not only on his industry of expertise, but on society as a whole. He wants to make the world a better place for his children to grow up in.

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Talk Fusion Wins Award for Communications Solution Product of the Year

As the age of landline communication continues to move toward the digital universe, more companies continue to utilize the advantages of the Internet to combine talk with video. In addition, these organizations also look to the option of recording conversations for future evergreen presentations as well as needed research.  And this past August, it won the Communications Solution Product of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation.

Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has produced an all-in-one video marketing solution which includes email, newsletters, live meetings, video chat, and sign-up forms. The company’s goal is to help businesses stand out from competition with unique and vibrant presentations. Talk Fusion’s video chat application allows face-to-face discussion between individuals or groups on desktops, smartphones, or tablets.

This is the second award from Technology Marketing Corporation this year. The Communications Solution Product Award is given to companies that provide products of high quality which facilitate communications in voice, data, and video.

In addition to its marketing and video chat products, Talk Fusion introduced a number of products in 2016. This includes the free trial version of its marketing programs and the ability to record video chat sessions. They also introduced, which allows people who utilize Talk Fusion products to gain immediate commissions when they encourage others within or outside their organization to enroll in the company.

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James Dondero’s Role In Promoting Highlands’s Participation In the Community

Highland Capital Management aims to excel both in business and make an impact in the community where its employee lives. James Dondero, CEO and President of the company recently said that Highlands will enhance its partnership with its long-time partner Dallas Foundation to improve the impact of its charity fund that has grown to an excess of $3 million. According to Dondero, the selection of Dallas Foundation was because the not-for-profit organization is intertwined in the North Texas Community with a clear proven track record of achievements in the region.

The partnership formed Highland Foundation Inc. which is a supporting organization of the Dallas Foundation. The today’s philanthropic environment is a challenging one especially with many companies avoiding community participation and instead concentrating on competition and profit maximization. Therefore, companies willing to contribute to non-profit organizations is a unique opportunity and a good strategy to engage the community. NPOs like Dallas Foundation can access a sustainable source of funding for their long-term operations.

Dondero believes that community culture is vital to the company because it improves the lives of Highlands’s employees and the community as a whole. Highlands has always participated in veterans programs concentrated on healthcare, education, and veteran’s initiatives. The partnership deal with Dallas Foundation comes after the company decided to hire Linda Owen to focus exclusively on Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. through connecting the company’s vision in community participation to improve the lives of veterans in North Texas.

James Dondero is a president who has excelled both in business and enhancing community involvement. With over 30 years of experience, he heads the Global Allocation Fund in the company that focuses on investing in the U.S. and foreign debt securities.

Dondero has led Highland Capital to become one of the most experienced global alternative investment managers offering credit-oriented strategies and asset management advice to both retail and institutions.  Mr. Dondero also holds a portfolio manager position at Next Point Credit Strategies fund.

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Diversant and John Goullet’s plan to provide the best IT staffing services

When you talk of Diversant LLC, you are talking about a company that offers services different from the rest. They strive for greatness and achieving exceptional services. They live by their motto reads “empowered by difference.” It is one of the few companies we find simply unordinary and far from average. Through the help of their, motto Diversant has created a team of experts empowered by unordinary services.

You will be pleased to do any form of IT staffing business with Diversant. It is a fully certified IT business and also one of the top Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. The entire firm is considered as one of the top business African-American owned IT staffing firm within the United States. The company provides excellent products and services. Their IT staffing and diversity products range from innovative diversity solutions, IT staff augmentation to direct hire.

Diversant has solid principles that help it provide the highest level of service. The business always strives to provide exceptional IT products. Its goal is to help everyone be satisfied with their services. The company highly values its consultants, partners, and every customer by accommodating needs for all these groups.

John Goullet was recently mentioned as the Principal of Diversant. This is great news in the tech world since John has been a leader of highly successful companies. He long served as CEO of info Technologies where he led the company to paths of huge success. John Goullet is an entrepreneur who is highly skilled in his field. Nothing came easy for him, and he doesn’t want that way.

A brief interaction with John and you will realize that he likes to work for everything he has. As an entrepreneur, he has led Info Technologies from the bottom to become something unique and significant. John is gifted and has unmatched entrepreneurial skills. He has in the past handled the IT staffing sector at Diversant.