Brief Background On The Projects Led By Boraie Development.

Boraie’s Developments.

Boraie development is a family ran real estate business that has specialized in the development of real estate projects, real estate marketing, and property management, located in New Jersey. The group came to be after its founder, Omar Boraie came to the United States back in the 70s to pursue his doctorate in chemistry. Prior to the move, he was a chemist in Egypt. Since its establishment in the 80s, the real estate firm has developed a very strong political network in New Jersey, which has played a major role in its sustenance. As a family business, the real estate development group is lead by Omar Boraie, the father and architect of the group and three of his adult children, who hold different leadership positions in the firm. The New Jersey real estate giant has given over three hundred thousand dollars as endorsements to different politicians and political committees both on the federal and state levels. According to historical records, creating political friends has proven, over and over again, to be on with the best ways to ensure continuity of a family dynasty or legacy in business, which is also proven by the local real estate developer.

Partnership with Shaquille O’Neal.

One of the many recognized projects, covering over one million square feet in commercial and residential properties by the development group, is the New Brunswick 169 units housing tower which includes high-end facilities and finishing which aims at ensuring comfort, class, and beauty for those planning to live in it. These facilities include a gym, a pool, a doorman and the price of 1400 dollars for renting a studio. Another one of these magnificent projects, a child of the partnership between Boraie Development and Newark’s retired pro basketballer, Shaquille O’Neal, is the cityplex12, which was an upgrade of a former movie theatre on Springfield Avenue. The theatre, which opened last year, features a 300 seated auditorium, finished up with leather seats. The projects were a much welcome relief for both the basketballer and the residents of Newark.


Boraie Development: Changing the Skyline of New Jerseys Major Cities

The major cities of New Jersey are currently experiencing an economic rebirth after the Boraie Development decided to extend their investment in state’s largest settlements. One of the most well-known projects today is the establishment of business districts within the downtown area, which will invite a huge number of wealthy people to move into the state. Boraie Development has been planning for years to revitalize the economy of Newark, New Brunswick, and Atlantic City, and they are now trying to bring in businesses back into these cities through the establishment of different residential units and complexes. In Atlantic City, for example, a huge portion of the population moved out after Las Vegas became the gambling capital of the United States, leaving many casinos in the city without less patrons. However, the Boraie Development started to consider building new residential complexes within the city center to encourage people who are living in suburban areas to move in. They are also offered with several incentives upon choosing to live in the city center. The affordable housing costs for projects involving Boraie Development also caught the interest of people who are in the middle class and the working class. Boraie Development has done a great job in revitalizing the interest of the people to move into the city center.

The same phenomenon is happening in Newark and New Brunswick. Newark has its economic sector stalled 50 years ago, as people started moving to New York City and other large metropolitan areas in the East Coast. However, Boraie Development saw that the city has the potential to regain their economic status, and they partnered with popular NBA player Shaquille O’Neal to build a residential tower in the middle of the city. Boraie Development marketed the structure heavily, gaining a lot of buyers. This influenced the company into building more residential complexes around Newark, and the popular basketball player thanked the management for choosing the city where he grew up to benefit from their project of revitalizing the economy of the state.

Lastly would be the developments in New Brunswick, and Boraie Development initiated the construction of The Aspire, which became one of the best residential complexes in the city because of the luxurious living experience that it provides. Each unit within the Aspire is decorated with only the best materials, and the residential complex is being secured 24/7, with a lot of amenities available to its residents.

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Studying And Applying His Work: Harry Harrison Knows How To Focus

Harry Harrison is a businessman that resides in New York. With a strong curiosity of how businesses work, he studied the theory of business through the University of Cambridge and the University of Warwick. Typically, Harry Harrison enjoys his family life, but he knew he has to work to invest in financial opportunities. Although he focuses on investments and business networking, he still maintains making his wife happy by attending film festivals. Harry Harrison avoids those long to-do lists and tackles and obstacle one at a time.

With the help of his colleagues, Harry Harrison knows that there are plenty of contracts that are waiting on him. Instead of stressing about how many he can earn, Harrison chooses to “tread lightly.” Harry Harrison is aware of the fact that he will have critics. Instead of focuses on what is bad, Harrison has decided that it’s best to focus on what is good. His colleagues can say that his “goodness” has paid off for him.

Harry Harrison understands that he needs prioritize all of his tasks and make a goal. In other terms, it’s best for him to set a date so that he can achieve his goal. Harrison makes a huge effort to complete all of his goals as if they are a classroom assignment. That’s exactly how you have to be in the world of business. Harrison is working on improving his communication and managing skills. So far, the “professional adventure” that he calls his career has been worth all of his hard work.

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The Incredible Work of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has built an impressive career as a board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Jejurikar is a native of Dallas, Texas where he is a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. His practice focuses on on cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes, nose and body. Dr. Jejurikar has built a reputation as a sensitive, caring and patient-first doctor.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar got his start by studying at the University of Michigan. After getting his undergraduate degree he moved on to study at the University of Michigan Medical School where he was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. During his career Dr. Jejurikar has gone on to work at a number of hospitals in the Dallas area. These hospitals include The Dallas Day Surgery Center, The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and The Texas Health Surgery Center Dallas.

Dr. Jejurikar has had the privilege of helping less fortunate people during his career. His passion for helping others has lead him on several medical mission trips. A number of these trips have lead him to Bangladesh where he has worked with the non profit group Smile Bangladesh to help many impoverished children. Dr. Jejurikar views it a blessing to be able to serve others in this capacity.

Many people have recognized the innovation and commitment of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar over the years. In 2012 Dr. Jejurikar was ranked among the top physicians in the nation based on patient reviews. The following year he received the prestigious Compassionate Doctor Certification. Furthermore Dr. Jejurikar has had his work published in multiple medical journals which include The Journal of Surgical Research and The Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has made a tremendous impact on the Dallas, Texas community. He is praised by both his patients and colleagues. He appears set for many more years of success.

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Real Estate Expert

Nick Vertucci, a Business Tycoon who is Changing People`s Life through NVREA

Nick Vertucci is a well renowned successful businessperson who has grown from nothing to something, a writer for various motivational books as well as a distinguishable poker player. Due to unavoidable circumstances at an early age forced Nick to start venturing in small businesses, selling computer parts which were the beginning of his fortune.

However, around the 2000s when the era of knocked in, his business failed terribly to the extent of losing everything. Nick Vertucci determination couldn’t stop hunting him, and he decided to start visiting real estate seminars and conferences of the same. After almost a decade of learning and researching, he developed a system that around him to invest in the real estate.

Nick founded Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) that has been of much impact on people. The academy enlightens students with the skills necessary to get you ready in real estate investment. The academy doesn’t guarantee the process is easy, but the management team ensures the students are assisted with the proven advice and strategies to get where they are supposed to. For students to succeed they are encouraged first to learn, then apply their skills, and lastly, they will build their investments.

Nick Vertucci and his team offers various opportunities to learners on how to invest by;

  • Clients are guided on how to use self-directed IRA to purchase real estate without using their money.
  • Using other people`s money (OPM) to finance their real estate.

As an author, Nick Vertucci has written many books the latest one titled Seven Figure Decisions. In this book, Nick exposes the secrets to creating real wealth and one of them is knowing the real value of money. He also speaks of the influence your mentors in wealth acquiring. Every aspiring client who want to make fortunes this is the right guide.


The Story of Rebel Wilson

In the contemporary people always make and write their stories based on their live experiences, place of birth as well as their professional life. This article will be focusing more specifically on Rebel Wilson.

To begin with, we learn that Wilson Rebel was born on the 2nd of March in the year 1980 in one of the Australian cities named Sidney. She was born on the western part of Sidney which is an inner ghetto as she terms it. Rebel has siblings named Liberty, Annachi, and Ryot who are her siblings under the care and protection of her principled breeder parents whom she refers to as professionals.

Rebel Wilson was naturally too shy which is termed psychologists as a social disorder and this was discovered during her early inklings of hum our that were sparked from her inner part, the outer part and also the aspect of budding starlet which was so precocious. She recalls the day her mum drove her to acting class community where by then she was holding on to the car door and crying. Her mother had to intervene by peeling her off the car and told Rebel that she would be able to pick her up in approximately two hours and she left her something she says is still fresh in her memory.

The success of every celebrity is normally attributed to the support of family members but contrary to that, the story of Wilson Rebel is different as narrates in one of her interview with image media in answering to the discussion of whether she has a family gene to attribute to for her comedic chops.

In her response to this she narrates her family don’t see any humor in her comedy but rather think that they are funny as she is hence see no special character trait in her proceeding theirs until she is forced to ask whether her family has been able to release any professional comedy.

But now let’s focus on how she was able to come through all this criticism to being what she is today. Wilson says that being a timid little girl she was able to develop her signature wicked Wilson during her tender age.

Flara states that her self-discovery began after she read that that one’s character is developed in the tender ages and in her case age 15, where she met up her mind that she was no longer going to be that shy girl but rather she was going to acquire that personality before it becomes too late.

She was able to achieve this through her joining of debates clubs which gave her an avenue of speaking in public. Mrs.Bowmaker her high school drama teacher is one of the people she dedicates her success for being her mentor. She says were it not for her teacher then she could not be where she is by now she said in one of her articles.

Rebel Wilson says that during her early days while pursuing her dream the most devastating moment is when a woman who is smart and a go-getter gets married at a young age abandoning her dreams by choosing to nature her children.

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The Success Story of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is one of the most successful business person and leader in the twenty-first century. Matthew has worked in many oil and gas multinational companies at high ranking executive positions. He has extensive knowledge in the management and running of an organization that spans from the time he left school. He has a solid background in business and finance having acquired his undergraduate studies from those disciplines.

Matthew Fleeger is also a passionate entrepreneur with multiple ideas of forming establishments and managing them. He started his professional career immediately after completing his University education where he worked with oil and gas companies. His aim, however, was to follow in the footsteps of his father who was running an oil company called Gold Coast Western. Matthew decided to acquire the skills in the oil industry by working in oil companies before returning to help his father in the management of the company.

His passion for business prompted him to establish a healthcare company-MedSolutions– that specialized in the removal, transportation, and disposal of medical wastes from healthcare institutions. His talents in the business sector led to the growth of MedSolutions Company to become one of the leading healthcare waste management company. He later sold the company and made profits. He also established Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan companies in the tanning industry and expanded their operations.

Matthew Fleeger took the helm of Gold Coast Western after the sale of his companies. He serves as the President and the chief executive officer of the company. Matthew has been instrumental in the growth of the company with his ability to lead employees. Matthew attributes his success in the business field to his ability to remain focused on the main goals and expecting a positive outcome. He also says that the values of integrity, honesty, and creativity have played an instrumental role in the development of his enterprises.

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A Brief Look into the Life of Malcolm CasSelle and WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is a digital entrepreneur, tech guru and CEO. He is a man who has a vast amount of experience running and operating various tech outfits. This is a brief bio about Malcolm CasSalle’s life and his career. Keep reading to discover who this man is and what he does that is making a difference in the world today.

Malcolm CasSelle has been drawn to the world of technology since his early days a youth in Allentown, Pennsylvania. As he grew older, he became more involved in the world of technology. Eventually, his love for tech eventually landed him at MIT. He attended MIT in Japan received a Master’s in computer science.

Once CasSelle received his degree he was ready to expand into the world of technology and business. Some of his first job experiences was with Schroders Securities and NTT Software Labs in Tokyo and he also was employed at Apple computer, Ine. When he worked for these two highly rated organizations, operated in the roles of a market researcher and programmer. Caselle was also a digital publisher at Blast Publishing and Morph’$ Outpost on the Digital Frontier.

One of his most prominent positions was as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at NetNoir Inc. He operated this business with another highly accomplished businessman and tech guy named E. David Ellington. NetNoir Inc. was the first Afrocentric culture website on the internet. He remained in this position for moving on into other important roles.

By 2017 he became the President WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange. This organization specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. WAX is a growing company that is making more of an impact in the world of cryptocurrency. Malcolm CasSelle helped the company during his time there. As of 2018 he is working in the position of the CIO of OPskins.

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Actress, Celebrities

Rebel Wilson Stars in Rom-Com Set For Valentine’s Day 2019

Attention all romantic comedy (rom-com) fans! There is a new film with a few refreshingly different aspects to it set to be released on Valentine’s Day of 2019 (what perfect timing!). The female lead, Natalie, is played by up-and-coming actress Rebel Wilson. A few of the other widely recognizable actors in the film, known as Isn’t It Romantic, include Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, Tom Ellis, Betty Gilpin, and Adam Devine. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Often the fans of a rom-com are appreciative of the movie category because it allows them to escape their own reality, if only for the 1.5-2.5 typical show time. Instead, they enter a pseudo-world where the best of one’s romantic dreams can be seen coming true, a few little tugs can be felt on the heartstrings, a few true belly laughs plus an added chuckle or two are sure to be experienced, and, for better or worse, their real life is still waiting when they exit the theatre.

Isn’t It Romantic doesn’t disappoint in delivering this experience; however, there is a bit of a different take as we watch the lead character instantly portrayed as a skeptic. The viewer enters a world where Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is a slightly jaded architect who actively scoffs at the concept of romantic comedies and fairy tale love. This simply makes it all the more interesting when Natalie suffers a head injury and awakens in the middle of a developing romantic comedy. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

Essentially, the plot then develops around Rebel Wilson’s character, Natalie, and her best friend Josh who is played by Adam Devine is head over heels for Wilson’s best friend, who is played by Priyanka Chopra, and dashing stranger Blake (Liam Hemsworth) who falls for Rebel Wilson. Movie director Todd Strauss-Schulson likes to describe the film as a romantic comedy about the romantic tales we mentally weave for ourselves and calls it “a romantic comedy about romantic comedies”.

Rebel Wilson, 38, hails from Sydney in New South Wales, Australia and is well-known for her roles in the Pitch Perfect series and Bridesmaids. As a graduate of the Australian Theatre For Young People in 2003, she has a fairly long history of appearing in comedy sketches and series.

Wilson earned a Teen Choice Award and an MTV Best Breakthrough Performance Award, in addition to several other nominations, for her role as Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect film series. Ironically, acting was not Rebel Wilson’s first choice as a career. In school she preferred working with numbers and envisioned being a mathematician. She earned a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law degree in 2009 from University of New South Wales.

Following graduation, Wilson worked as a Rotary International Youth Ambassador for Australia. While based in South Africa, Rebel Wilson contracted malaria and over the course of her illness and fevers recalls a hallucination where she saw herself as an Oscar-winning actress which sealed her reserve to pursue acting as a full time career.

Brain Disease Treatment

Neurocore’s Key Role in Transforming the Lives of Athletes

Neurocore, a powerhouse in the world of neuroscience and brain training, launched a unique program to help trailblazers. Timothy Royer, a professional neuropsychologist and founder of Neurocore, recently talked about the Program, known as Neurocore Pro. Timothy Royer stated that the area where all of the brains optimizing actions are taking place in the brain room. According to him, the practices taking place in the brain room is nothing but next level in sports. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

In essence, Timothy Royer stated that in as much as people know a lot of things concerning recovery after one is done with working out or a game, very many people do not emphasize sleep. According to Mr. Royer, sleep is the most important part of recovery. According to him, the fact that many athletes have to play over 80 games dramatically is very alarming. Therefore, using the brain room, Royer and his team help these players recover by optimizing their brains, endocrine systems, respiratory systems, and even cardiovascular systems. It is these low frequencies that play an integral part in helping the athletes rest and recover from all the hard work they have put in. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

What usually happens is that the team of experts at the facility usually uses a DVD in the brain room. The DVD can detect if the player is calm and focused by using electrical signals coming from the player’s brain. If the player starts to think about a lot of things, the DVD stops. Royer’s team at the facility is in full support of this program. According to the director of player health and performance, Dr. Stackpole, having a technology that helps players be in the sleep zones is very helpful and impressive.

Neurocore is a facility with numerous brain training centers under its name that specialize in helping its clients deal with specific brain-related issues. Some of these issues include stress for adults and lack of sleep for children. By incorporating applied neuroscience techniques like brain training and assessment programs, the facility has been able to transform numerous lives since its inception in 2008. Timothy Royer is the man behind the formation, of the incredible facility that is headquartered in Michigan.